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    I am getting a error message on my LG 42 inch Plasma tv. HDMI OUTPUT BLOCKED DUE To HDCP AUTHENTICATION FAILURE. I asked LG and they said they never heard of such a problem. ! am hoping some can tell me how to get the HDMI to work so I can view the picture in HD
  2. S

    my WiFi signal is fullbut I can't connect to it and it keeps saying authentication failed and diconnected I am sure I typed th

    Searching for how to stop it because I know someone's interfering with the WiFi
  3. G

    Antivirus / Security / Privacy Tutorials

    Antivirus/Security/Privacy Tutorials & How-To's Antivirus Removing a Virus From an External Hard Drive Enable Windows Defender in Windows 8/8.1 Security Encrypt a File in Windows Encrypt a File in Mac OS X Set up 1Password on Android Set up 1Password on iOS Set up Prey on a Smartphone Privacy...
  4. J

    Google authentication needed

    I'm trying to play a game on my phone Double Down and when I go to pay it tells me I must sign into my Google account for authentication
  5. viveknayyar007

    Find Your Authentication Code on Pebble

    After you have configured two-step verification for your Google account, every time you try to sign-in to the account, you can receive the authentication code right on your Pebble smartwatch instead of getting it on your mobile phone. You can configure your Pebble smartwatch to receive...
  6. viveknayyar007

    Delete Your Verified Number in Skype

    Skype lets you add your mobile number. Skype will verify it, and whenever you make a call on Skype, your verified number is displayed to those you call. If you ever wish to remove your verified Skype number, follow the steps given below: ■Log on to your Windows computer. ■Locate and...
  7. G

    How to Use a 2-Factor Authenticator App

    Password theft isn't uncommon in the Internet era. Actions such as clicking an attached link in your email message and using the same password for different accounts make your passwords easy prey. On the other side of the spectrum, however, security is further strengthened through the 2-factor...
  8. G

    How To Set Up 2-Factor Authentication for Evernote

    More and more websites are enabling two-factor authentication to beef up their security, and Evernote has joined in. Here's how you activate the 2-factor authentication on your Evernote account. 1. First, go to the Evernote website on your computer and log in to access your account. On your...
  9. G

    How To Set Up 2-Factor Authentication for Dropbox

    The two-factor authentication is an optional tool but one which is very important, especially if you want to protect your files and documents in your Dropbox account. This tool allows you to use not only your password, but another verification code sent to your mobile phone. Through this, not...
  10. G

    How To Set Up 2-factor Autentication for Tumblr

    Your Tumblr blog is personal to you, and you wouldn't want anyone getting into it without your permission. Unfortunately, passwords aren't always secure. Tumblr supports 2-factor authentication (which you should turn on) to increase security and make it harder for hackers to break into your...
  11. G

    How To Set up 2-factor authentication for Twitter

    Want to make your Twitter account safer than it already is? Add 2-factor authentication to your account. 2-factor authentication is a simple feature that requires both your password and a second authentication code to access your account. Although it is not yet available everywhere on the web...
  12. viveknayyar007

    How to Add Two-Step Authentication to Your Apple ID

    Your Apple ID can be protected with two-step authentication in order to add an additional layer of security to your account. Just like enabling two-step authentication on other profiles, the process to do so with your Apple ID also requires that your cellphone number be associated with the ID...
  13. A

    Denied access to services programmatically

    Hi, My windows application written by visual studio 4.5 access services programmerticallly to authentication and retrieve data. which is working fine for majority of clients. but one client can't access those services. I typed manually those web addresses in his address bar of web browser then...
  14. Y

    how to remove authentication problem

    i connected the wifi network but my android phone getting authentication problem and my phone new one....
  15. K

    Authentication Problems with WIFI

    I recently purchased a phone it connected to my home wifi fine, it worked great. Then all of the sudden last night it just stopped working. Everytime i type in my password and try to connect it says "Authentication Problem". I have tried many things to fix this including rebooting my wifi...
  16. Hastibe

    Does two-factor authentication prevent access when encrypted database is stolen?

    If you store your encrypted passwords on the cloud (e.g. as a file on Dropbox or on LastPass servers, etc.) does having two-factor authentication enabled (for Dropbox or your LastPast account, etc.) protect you if hackers steal your encrypted file of passwords from Dropbox or LastPast (etc.) and...
  17. S

    Android Tablet - wi-fi authentication problem

    Hiya! I've had a new Irulu tablet for Christmas but it won't connect to my Virgin Media Router. It keeps telling me I have authentication problems. My previous cheap tablet connected with no problem. I've tried connecting to other Wi-Fi hotspots but all I get is not in range. I've rebooted the...
  18. S

    how to run continuous loop in windows application without affecting the running application

    i am developing a application like ATM. I need a continuous loop that run behind the screen which require authentication. but it should not affect the shown screen. which is the best way to do this. please suggest solution for this. i am waiting... thanks in advance.....................
  19. C

    authentication of wifi

    how can i authenticate wifi on my android tablet?
  20. E

    Andriod tablet will not connect to my wifi

    hi could you please help me my andriod tablet keeps saying authentication problem, i have tried everything please help me!!!
  21. P

    authentication problems with tablet

    I can't connect my nextbook tablet to netgear wifi. it says signal excellent. please i am 64 years old computer challenged so if you can tell me in language i can understand i would apprecate it
  22. E

    need help resetting my authentication system

    Can anyone out there help me get my dell inspiron 1100 back on track,haven't used it in years,i need the solutions to how to reset the password.
  23. mjmcdonagh1

    Citrix Web Interface Reporting on Users

    Hello, We use Citrix Web Interface for staff to work out of the office. We use old Secure Computing SafeWord fob/tag things for authentication. We are looking at moving on to a new method of authentication later on in the financial year but for now this is what we're stuck with. We now have...
  24. M

    Authentication problem wifi android tablet

    Hello, am having problems getting my wifi to work and my tablet is reading no internet connection,maybe i have it connected wrong
  25. A

    Samsung galaxy 2 authentication problem

    Hello, I'm getting the authentication problem with my samsung galaxy 2 cell phone with my thomson router . how can this be fixed pls. it used to work but now it isnt and am not sure what has changed?
  26. W

    Authenticate Adroid 4.0 sigin

    I need help in getting on the web with Android 4.0 7 inch notebook CPU. I get the message,"authentication problem"
  27. G

    Uniloc Sues Mojang, EA, Others Over Server Authentication

    Uniloc is a company with a history of patent trolling. It's now steamrolling companies with lawsuits. Uniloc Sues Mojang, EA, Others Over Server Authentication : Read more
  28. K

    Dell authentication 1300 inspiron 41p502j-595b

    dell 1300 inspiron 41p502j-595b
  29. C

    My DELL Inspiron is showing #3HGN1N1-595B Password authentication and I cant use

    Please help me with the solution so as to put my Laptop to use again
  30. E

    I bought a used dell inspiron 8000 with a password

    I bought a used dell inspiron 8000 and now it says there is a password authentication system, please help.(already unpluged reserve battery and that did not work)
  31. E

    I bought a used dell inspiron 8000 with a password

    I bought a used dell inspiron 8000 and now it says there is a password authentication system, please help.(already unpluged reserve battery and that did not work)
  32. C

    Dell authentication system password reset

    need to know how to reset the authentication system password for Dell model #PP01L or how to disable.
  33. B

    How to dell latitude e6400 bios password reset free

    what I need to know is how to change or remove the bios password an authentication password.
  34. G

    Lost authentication password to e6400

    i purchased latitude e6400 laptop from an individual at the flea market that had others forsale that were working.he had this one that did not have a chare or charger but assured me that it worked fine. well i finally got a charger and it works alright up to the point where it wants the...
  35. M

    Dell inspiron 1545 bios password removal

    Removing Power on dell inspiron 1545 password authentication
  36. A

    Dell Latitude E6510 asking for password authentication system

    I have a Dell Latitude E6510 some days back, but because of some uncertain rezones my laptop has been locked in BIOS. With following massage; please help me out to come out of this problem. “This computer system, is protected by password ___________ authentication system. You can not access...
  37. R

    Solved! Bios Password Removal

    I have a Dell Latitude d 600 laptop when i turn it on I get the message protected by a password authentication system please type in primary or administrator password Thanks
  38. R

    Bios Password Removal

    Hello, well i have a dell inspiron 1545 laptop after i turn on show this error on screen the computer system,#Bz2vvj1-595b , protected by a password authentication system
  39. G

    Facebook authentication for android

    how to use facebook in application in android
  40. D

    Facebook authentication code

    My project needs to be login to facebook chat. I am getting challlenge response.. now if i want to login successfully ,,, what i have to do... I am getting response : Failure. : Not authorised. So, How can I get the success response..? Please help...
  41. exfileme

    Internet Infrastructure Receiving Security Update

    ICANN has introduced a new global authentication platform that verifies web pages and source of emails. Internet Infrastructure Receiving Security Update : Read more
  42. R


    when i turn on the computer it says Dell... but then goes to a screen this computer protected by authentication system. cannot access info without valid password. Theres no where to even put one. What can I do?
  43. G

    Facebook authentication code

    hi there. can you please tell me where i can facebook 6-digit authentication code? its quite urgent
  44. plgblondy

    Remove System Authentication password prompt

    I have a dell inspiron 6000 and my friend set a system authentication password on it without my knowledge..i have the password he selected but dont know how to go about deleting that prompt when i turn on my laptop? thanks!
  45. I

    How to bypass authentication system on dell laptop

    how can i bypass the authentication system on a dell latitude e6400 laptop?
  46. exfileme

    Gartner: Hackers Defeating Tough Authentication

    Hackers are now defeating two-factor authentication methods. Gartner: Hackers Defeating Tough Authentication : Read more
  47. G

    CheckPoint Securemote and SecurID with WM 2003

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) IPAQ 2210, Socket CF Wireless card. Trying to get CheckPoint Securemote working with SecurID authentication. It does not seem to work (there is only a place for username and password). Does anyone know for sure if SecurID...