Finding the Most Recent iPhone Backup to Restore From

If you have ever backed up your iPhone, you can restore the information back to your device if something goes wrong with it. You may want to use the most recent backup that you made in order to restore your device back to the last time it was performing well.

Finding the most recent iPhone backup and restoring your phone to it is simple. Here is how:

    ■Press the power button to switch on your iPhone.
    ■To unlock your device, slide your finger on the screen (screen saying slide to unlock) towards right.

    ■Ensure that you have already installed the latest version of iTunes on your Windows/MAC computer.
    ■Connect the iPhone with your Windows/MAC PC using the USB data cable.
    Note: As soon as you connect your iPhone to the PC, iTunes will launch automatically.
    ■On the opened iTunes page, click the iPhone button from top-right corner.

    ■On the iPhone device page, ensure that the Summary tab is selected from the top.
    ■Under the Backups section, from Manually Backup and Restore, click the Back Up Now button.

    ■Follow the on-screen instructions to copy your iPhone data to your iTunes library.
    Note: Always back up your iPhone data in order to reuse the old settings, and to make the latest backup available for restoring purpose.
    ■Once you have backed up your iPhone, click the Restore Backup button.

    ■From the Restore From Backup popup box, ensure that your iPhone device is selected in iPhone Name drop-down list, and click Restore to restore your data from the last (most recent) backup.


Note: The iPhone must remain connected to the PC until the restore process is done.