Fixing Trim Issues on an RC Toy Helicopter

It’s not uncommon for RC helicopters to lean in a certain direction when they fly. Whether your helicopter wants to always turn right left or always wants to zoom forward, your problem is associated with the “trim” of the device. Trim issues can be caused by errors in manufcaturing or damage that your helicopter incurs when you own it. Either way, you will want to correct these trim issues so that your helicopter will fly straight. Use the steps below to troubleshoot your problem.

Step 1
In the owner’s manual for your RC toy helicopter, search for a given option for solving trim issues. Many helicopters have controllers with built-in trim buttons. These buttons allow you to automatically tweak the way in which your copter is centered. In other words, if your copter is leaning right, your controller’s trim button should have an option to help compensate and balance the RC while in the air.

Step 2
The trim button is usually the easiest way to solve your problem. Unfortunately, it will only allow you to push the directional controls of your copter so far in any given direction. Therefore, you sometimes won’t be able to compensate enough for the trim issues of your copter.

If your copter is still off-center after you’ve played around with the trim buttons, you’ll have to manipulate the turning mechanism on your helicopter to balance it in the opposite direction of the way it wants to lean. You’ll usually do this by loosening the turning arm in the direction you want it to balance out.

However, before you start playing around with the turning mechanism, do a Google search to see if there is a video or photographic tutorial on your specific model.

Trim issues are one of the most annoying things about owning a toy helicopter. After all, no one wants their helicopter to spin around in circles or lean in one direction. Luckily, it’s possible to fix trim issues, either by using the trim button on your controller or physically altering the orientation of the turning mechanism.