Fortnite Battle Royale - How to Level Up Fast

In Fortnite Battle Royale, you get to unlock cool skins like Ragnarok if you achieve the required XP. And to get the XP, you will have to be smart. Below are some of the best ways to get XP and level up fast in the game so make sure to check them out:
Play in Squad or Duos:
When you get a battle pass and play with friends your friends receive a boost of XP. And that boost increases as you go up in the tiers. And if your friend also has a battle pass, you will receive an XP boost as well.

If you somehow get your three friends to purchase the battle pass then in squads, even if you finish in the middle, you would get more XP than you would if you got in top 5. And of course placing well will get you more XP with your friends having the battle pass. So this is something you should do.

Complete the Daily Challenges:
You are given a new challenge every single day and you can have up to three at one time. These challenges can range from playing a match with a friend to getting three kills with an SMG. Completing each challenge will reward you with a good amount of XP every time with five or ten battle stars. And if you are unable to complete a challenge then make sure to at least log into the game to collect that challenge. Also, if you are not fond of what the challenge is offering, you can re-roll one challenge/day.

Get the Battle Pass:
You can earn a lot more XP if you just buy the battle pass. This is because the battle pass will open you to a lot of opportunities meaning instead of just getting one challenge daily, you will get 7 weekly challenges as well. And if you complete just four of them, you will get 5000 XP. So for just 950 bucks, you can get a battle pass and access to a lot of opportunities of getting XP.

Look for Double XP Weekends:
Since the end of the last season, Fortnite now has double XP weekends or more specifically 200 percent XP weekends. The XP that you will earn will be doubled on these weekends. There is no doubt that a double XP weekend will come in season 5 as well, maybe at the end but it will come. So make sure to clear your schedule for the end weeks and work hard on getting doubled as much XP as you possibly can.

These are some of the methods to get some quick XP but there is no shortcut or a cheat to getting XP in Fortnite. You will have to work hard if you want to unlock cool items and skins in the game.