Fortnite Battle Royale - Junk Junction Map Guide

Being a game close to reality, Fortnite has created a Junkyard that is filled with stacked crushed cars and also has a big crane, the name of this place is Junk Junction. Due to the massive amount of cars, you can gather a lot of metal from there. Also, Junk Junction has a lot of chests for you to open. The area is located in the northwest part of the map, and besides metal, it has other resources as well, so it is a decent place to start the game. And that’s why I am going to give you a little guide to this area to let you know what you can expect from there. Okay so let’s get started:

Save Resources and Get Resources:
The area is rich with metal so you can mine as much as you want, also to get to the upper parts of the area either to get a chest or to mine some resources, you don’t need to build ramps as there is a huge pile of cars that you can climb by just jumping. This way, you will save the resources that you would’ve used on building the ramps.

Go to the Llama:
There is a Llama behind the junk that you should check out. Once you will find the Llama, check it out for chests, you can find up to 3 chests just at this place. So if you want quick chests, my advice is that you land at the Llama, collect chests and then move to the Junk Junction.

Beware of Migrators:
Since this place is close to Haunted Hills and people usually land at Haunted Hills so there is a good chance that people will migrate to Junk Junction from the Haunted Hills. So if you see anyone coming your way, just go and hide in the big compartment at the back and let others go for the big factory. You will be safe this way, and if there is only one player, you can always take him out from behind.

Keep the Circle in Mind:
Since this place is at the end of the map, there is a big change that it can be far from the next circle. Therefore, it is always intelligent to loot as quickly as you can and then start running before the circle starts closing in. Or else, you may die before you get the chance of using all of the loot and resources that you have collected from the Junk Junction.

I hope this guide will help you in landing and looting the Junk Junction. Just make sure to keep an eye on other players and gather loot before the circle changes. You can find a lot of valuable things from the Junk Junction that will help you in surviving longer.