Gettin' Yolked in the Forest Quest Guide

Finally, a quest that is different from the routine tracking and killing. Although you have completed a similar quest previously it is going to be a bit different. If you want to know more about the quest and how to complete it, then refer to the guide below:
You already have completed a similar quest where you had to deliver the herbivore eggs. But this one is a bit different and arduous as well. Although your objective is just to deliver two Wyvern eggs, it is more than just that. The unspoken snag of this quest is that you will be faced with a Rathian as well. Now you have defeated it in the previous quest so that should not be a problem for you but it is still a Rathian. Anyways, if you complete the objective successfully then you will be rewarded with 3600z. The quest requires you to have a Hunter Rank 4 which you should have by now. The time limit for this quest is 50 minutes and you will fail it if you run out of time or faint three times.
Another thing that you should keep in mind is that you must unlock Ancient Forest camp location in boughs of the forest. So with these things in mind let’s start:
1. Rathian is the mother of the eggs you will be collecting so it will not let you go without putting up a fight. The eggs are in its nest that is found in the AREA 16 and it will fly to a variety of nests as you fight it.

2. Anyways, once you have successfully defeated the Rathian while keeping the things from the previous quest in mind, you will then be able to get the eggs easily. There will be no more fear of getting attacked by the Rathian.

3. So with it defeated, go ahead and collect the eggs, and then you will only need to to the Ancient Forest camp from the nest of the Rathian.

4. The nest of Rathian that is in the Area 16 is close to the Ancient Forest Camp that is in the AREA 17 so that means you can move between these areas quickly. But, you will be carrying eggs and will have to unburden to crawl under a branch and that is not possible.

5. So that’s why, you will have to go around clockwise which is a much longer route. You can also set a waypoint to the Ancient Forest camp on the map and then follow the scoutflies to get there.

Once you have delivered the eggs, the quest will end and you will be rewarded with a handsome amount of 3600z. Just make sure to keep the things mentioned above in mind and you will be able to complete the quest quickly.