God of War: Combat Tips - How to Become a Master Fighter

God of War provides fluid, and stunning action features, to win the game you need to have a great deal of skill, and tenacity. To succeed against the very best; you will need help, and this guide will come in handy. This article encompasses tricks that will make your game go from good to great, and you from an amateur God of War player, to a professional. You will spend most of your time on God of War waging war, and battling enemies. Here are some tips for you.

1. Don't rush into battle. Take your time, and let the enemy come to you.
2. You will need to cause maximum damage to your opponent, so don’t wait for your opponent to come to you. Finish him off, by throwing an axe at his face.

3. God of War has a huge, chaotic world. You will meet plenty of characters, each with their own strength and weaknesses. The game offers you plenty of recon time. Use it to better know your enemy.
4. Aterus is your friend. The game storyline dictates that he is your companion, and make full use of that. There is strength in numbers, use your superiority. Aterus can come in handy, in any number of situations.

5. God of War has a quick- turn button. This is programmed that way by the company, after years of playing hand to hand combats, backing away may seem weird, but trust me some situations require you to back away, and then attack.
6. God of war has a rich storyline, and the storyline can go on for hours. You will need to be crafty with your time to save all the progress that you have made, but sometimes you will die before saving the game. That is why always keep a Resurrection stone in hand. This will revive you and make sure your game’s progress isn’t lost.

7. Another important tip is always to keep an eye on stats of Kratos. The more you progress in the game, the more upgrades Kratos can receive. The more impact his armour will have, so be mindful of Kratos stats, so that you can upgrade him.

8. Diving out of the way is also a good option, some of the more aggressive moves cause serious damage, even if you make an effort to block them. Diving out of the way is a sure fire way to protect yourself from damages. Live to fight another day.
9. Blocking is another lost art in the hand to hand combat gaming world. God of War blocking technique is more akin to Witcher 3. Use the blocks more and more. I guarantee you; you will have lots of fun.
10. The last is more of a philosophy; decide on your gaming style right away. The earlier you have an understanding of how you fight, the better you will be going forward.

If you follow these tips, I assure you that you will become a pro in combat and will do justice to Kratos’ fighting abilities. Just follow these tips, do practice, and you will become good in doing combat.