How Can I Convert MS Visio 2013 Shape to Hyperlink?

Since MS Visio 2013 is an industry level program that is used to prepare simple to complex diagrams for almost every industry, the professionals have big expectations with the application. Considering this, the professionals also expect the program to have all the sophisticated features that any dynamic and versatile application should/must have.

MS Visio 2013 is the most flexible and versatile version among entire Visio family. The program also allows you to convert any existing shape within a document into a clickable hyperlink. When a hyperlinked shape is clicked, the users are instantaneously redirected to the target URL or any other document as configured.

Advantages of having a shape as a hyperlink is that the end users can be easily redirected to the detailed information about that particular shape or object. Depending upon the type of information, the detailed information can be either available on any online website, or it can be stored in another MS Office file.

Converting an MS Visio 2013 object into a full-fledged hyperlink is simple. All you need to know is the correct location of the target document, or in case of website, you are required to know the correct URL to which you want the users to be redirected when the object is clicked or Ctrl + clicked (as per the configuration).

By following the instructions given in this tutorial, you will be able to convert an MS Visio 2013
object to a clickable hyperlink that redirects the users to the Microsoft official website. Of course, you can use the URL of your own choice while creating your MS Visio 2013 documents.

Here’s what you need to do:

    ■Open any existing MS Visio 2013 file or create a new one.

    ■Create an object that you want to convert to hyperlink.

    ■Once created, click to select the object.

    ■Right-click the object, and from the displayed context menu, click Hyperlink.

    ■On the opened Hyperlinks box, in the Address field, type the URL of the website to which you want the users to be redirected. ( for this example).

    ■Populate the other fields such as Sub-address and Description with appropriate
    information. (The fields are optional.).

    ■Once done, click OK to create the hyperlink.

    ■As per the configuration of your instance of MS Visio 2013, click or Ctrl + click the target object to go to the given URL of the website.

    ■Save the document and close MS Visio 2013.

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