How Can I Setup iCloud Mail, Calendar, Messages and Other Related Stuff in iPhone?

iCloud is Apple’s official website where you can create backups of your data. The backup helps you restore your personal information back to your iPhone when you reset your device or lose any important data.

Once you create your iCloud account using a valid email, you must enable your iPhone to tell the device as which apps must use iCloud to back up data. While configuring your device for backup on iCloud, you can use the available space (5 GB for free) on Apple’s cloud to store your data online.

You can save any type of data on your iCloud account including messages, mails, pictures etc. The benefit of storing your data on iCloud is that the data always remains there, even when you reset your iPhone. Apple removes the stored data from your iCloud account only when you erase it.

Note: When you set up a new iCloud account, you initially get 5 GB of storage space for free. If you want, you can buy additional storage from Apple.

Steps below will help you set up iCloud Mail, Calendar, Messages, etc. using your iPhone:

    ■Long press the Sleep/Wake button to switch on your iPhone.
    ■Swipe your finger to the right on the screen (screen saying slide to unlock) to unlock the device.

    ■Tap Settings from the Home screen.

    ■From the Settings window, locate and tap the iCloud option.

    ■On the iCloud interface, swipe to enable the toggle buttons representing the desired apps that you want to setup for iCloud on your iPhone. (E.g. Mail, Calendar, Messages, Contacts, Reminders in this demonstration.)

    ■Once done, you can start using your iCloud account to back up and restore the data from and to your iPhone respectively.