How Can I Synchronize My Twitter and Facebook Accounts Using an Android Smartphone?

You can synchronize your Twitter and Facebook accounts with the help of a third-party app named IFTTT.

IFTTT allows you to make a recipe named ‘if Twitter then Facebook’ which, when created, enabled, and configured correctly, posts all your Twitter tweets with a predefined hash tag on your Facebook timeline automatically.

Likewise, you can also create another recipe named ‘if Facebook then Twitter’ that works in exactly the opposite direction, i.e. whenever you post something on Facebook, the recipe automatically updates your Twitter account by posting the update as tweet.

Here’re how you can synchronize your Twitter account with Facebook using IFTTT:

    ■Power on your Android phone.
    ■Once the phone is unlocked, tap the Menu button in order to open the apps list.

    ■Locate and tap the Play Store icon to launch the Play Store app.

    ■On the opened interface, search the IFTTT app from the search bar located on the top of the interface.

    ■Once found, tap the Install button in order to download and install the IFTTT app.

    ■Once the app is downloaded and installed, tap Open to launch the app.

    ■Read the instruction carefully, and make a new account on IFTTT by providing the required details in the Username, Email, and the Password fields. If you already have an account on IFTTT website, provide the login credentials in the appropriate fields to proceed.

    ■Once you are signed-in, slide the screen to left and tap the spectacles icon on the top-right corner.

    ■Search the Twitter to Facebook recipe from search box located at the top of the screen.


10. Once found, tab the recipe.

Note: There are many recipes already created and shared by other users. Although they have the same icons, you might need to read their descriptions in order to locate the recipe of your choice. For example, some recipes may post updates on Facebook pages when you tweet on Twitter, whereas others may post updates on your timeline only if they are tweeted with #fb tag on Twitter.
11. On the opened interface, tap the Use Recipe button to use the selected recipe.

12. On the Channel Activation page, activate both Twitter and Facebook channels.


13. On the TWITTER page that comes up next, provide the login credentials of your Twitter account in the appropriate fields, and proceed further by tapping the available button.

Note: The buttons to proceed to the next step from here may differ depending upon the recipe that you have selected and/or the type of Android phone/version you are using.

14. Once done, close the IFTTT app, and login to your Twitter account by opening the Twitter app.
15. After signing-in, type your tweet that should be followed by #fb. (For example, “#fb Hello”)

Note: As per the selected recipe in this demonstration, you must use the #fb tag in every tweet that you want to be posted on your Facebook timeline automatically.

16. Once you have tweeted successfully, you can check your Facebook timeline for the automatic update that it may have received from your Twitter account.