How Can I Transfer Data from My Android Tablet/Mobile Using WiFi Instead Of Bluetooth Or Cable?

How Can I Transfer Data from My Android Tablet/Mobile Using Wi-Fi Instead Of Bluetooth Or Cable?

Generally, in order to transfer any data from an Android device people opt Bluetooth feature or they go for connecting their device by the means of a connection chord.

While establishing connection through a connection chord, users need to set up the channel for connection every time they plug in the chord. Damage to plugging port and to the device may be caused if plugging and unplugging of the chord is not done in a proper way. Therefore, in order to eliminate these problems you can transfer data using Bluetooth in which no cable is required to be connected.
However the problem may arise if you want to transfer large files. If Bluetooth is used to transfer huge files, the device may get disconnected several times during the transfer. Also, this approach is very time taking as the transfer speed of Bluetooth is quite slow. To overcome all these situations, the data transfer is done using Wi-Fi.

Although there are lots of apps available on Google Play Store that can be used to transfer data over Wi-Fi channel, one of the best and widely used app is AirDroid
The eye catching feature of this app is its ultrafast speed and easy handling that allows you to control your mobile through the browser present in your PC. Another outstanding feature of this app is that it not only transfers files but also sends SMS through Wi-Fi channel. So by the use of this app SMS sending and receiving becomes fast.

To use AirDroid to transfer data using Wi-Fi you will need:

  • ■A Wi-Fi router.
    ■A computer with wireless LAN card configured to connect to the Wi-Fi router.
    ■Your tablet/smartphone with access to an active Internet connection.

Once you have all the above entities, you can follow the steps below to use AirDroid to transfer data from your tablet to your PC/laptop over Wi-Fi:

  1. ■Download and install AirDroid on your tablet/smartphone from Google Play Store.
    ■Turn on the Wi-Fi on your tablet/smartphone.
    ■Open app drawer.
    ■Tap the AirDroid icon from the displayed installed apps.
    ■Wait till the app starts.
    ■You will receive a notification tone once AirDroid is started and connected to the Wi-Fi network.
    ■The AirDroid interface will display an IP address that is associated with the tablet/smartphone along with a port number separated by a colon. (E.g.


    ■Once this happens, open any web browser (such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer) on your computer.
    ■In the address bar of the opened web browser, type the IP address and port number that was displayed on the AirDroid interface on your tablet/smartphone.
    ■Press Enter key to continue.


    ■On your tablet/smartphone, tap Accept button to establish the connection.


    ■When the connection is established, you will be able to see the contents of your tablet/smartphone on the web browser of your computer.


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