How Can I Upgrade My Netflix Subscription Plan

Tired of watching Netflix from only one device? Feeling a little left out from the Ultra High Definition viewing Netflix users with premium plans have access to? Then it shouldn’t be too hard to upgrade your Netflix plan. Just follow these steps and soon, you too could be enjoying more benefits with Netflix.

1. Log in or Sign into Netflix
Log on to then sign in or simply sign in by entering your username and password on the Netflix site. The sign in option will be on the far right hand side of the Netflix site.

2. Go to “Account” or “Your Account”
Go to the far right hand corner on the Netflix screen after logging in. Then look for a downward facing arrow, which will show a drop-down menu once you click on the arrow. Then look for the “Account” or “Your Account” link. (Note that “Account” or “Your Account” wording may depend on which country you are in.) Click on any one of these two descriptions available in your country to access your Netflix account.

3. Go to “Plan Details”
  • ■ Once you have logged into the Netflix account site, go to “Plan Details” ( see under the “Membership and Billing” link block ), which will allow you to assess your current plan and look at the options available to you for the purposes of upgrading your current plan.
    ■ Netflix will display three pans, namely “Basic, Standard and Premium” and each plan’s benefits and monthly payment plans are shown under each plan option.
    ■ Carefully assess the plan you would like to change to and then click on the plan you’d like to upgrade to.
    ■ When done, click “Continue” which will be in a blue block at the bottom of the screen. Note that the changes you make will be effective at the start of the new billing cycle but as a bonus from Netflix, you will be able to access these new features immediately.

4. Netflix and Chill!
You can now “Netflix and chill” with your new plan and start accessing these new features from your additional device, or if you went premium, from your 4k television set which will allow you to watch your favorite shows in Ultra High Definition, for maximum viewing pleasure! Also, be sure to check your email account for an email from Netflix confirming your new plan change.