How to Access a Windows Shared Folder from an Android Smartphone

In order to access the shared files on a Windows PC from an Android device, you can use a third-party app named ES File Explorer File Manager.

Before rushing to do this, you must check that you have sufficient permissions to access the data. You must also verify that no firewall is blocking access to the shared files from your Android device. If either or both of the above conditions are true, you must ask your network administrator to grant you the required privileges in order to allow you to access the objects via your Android phone.

Assuming that you have been granted all of the permissions for the shared data on the Windows PC, here’s how you can download and install ES File Explorer File Manager on your Android phone, and use the app to access the shared objects remotely:

    ■Power on your Android mobile phone or tablet.
    ■After unlocking, tap the Menu button to launch the apps list.

    ■Locate and tap the Play Store app icon to open the Play Store app.

    ■Once the Play Store app launched, type and Search the ES File Explorer File Manager in the Search box located on the upper right corner of the screen.

    ■From the opened apps page, tap the ES File Explorer File Manager icon.

    ■On the next page, tap the Install button in order to download and install the ES File Explorer File Manager app on the Android phone.

    ■Once the app is installed, tap Open to launch the ES File Explorer File Manager app.

    ■On the opened interface, tap the Network option located at the left pane of the screen.

    ■From the available options in the drop-down list, tap the LAN option to display the available LAN computers.


10. If the target computer is not visible in the list, tap the Scan button to make the Android phone scan and search for all available Windows PCs.
11. Once the PC is found, tap the terminal icon of the target computer.

Note: You can identify the target computer by its IP address that is used as the name of the terminal of the PC that is displayed in the LAN window.

12. When prompted, provide the correct username and password, in the Username and Password fields respectively.

13. Once done, tap OK to access the Windows shared folders from your Android phone.

Note: Do not share the username and password of the computer with anyone.