How to Access Amazon Music library in Fire TV

Your Fire TV is not just a television apparatus; it can also be the perfect source for music-playing, especially when connected to a sound system or a soundbar. Nothing like sitting on your favorite couch in the living room and enjoying the tunes you like the most. If you own music that you purchased for your Amazon Music App at the Amazon Digital Music Store you can play it on your Fire TV.

Read on to find out how to do it and enjoy those years of fine-selecting and collecting.The music included with Prime, for eligible Prime members, can also be heard on your Fire TV. Also, you can enjoy the music from your Amazon Music Unlimited Subscription on your Fire TV.

1. With the Remote Control
Your Amazon Music App is included among the preinstalled apps of your Fire TV by default when you purchase it.

● Open the 'Amazon Music App' by going to the ‘Apps’ menu and look for the Amazon Music logo. Select it with your remote control and then look for your favorite music. Press 'Play' and enjoy.

● When you press 'Play', your Amazon Music App will open up a screen showing ‘Now Playing’ with the current song and a progress bar. On selected tracks, the lyrics can also start streaming on the screen.

● Navigating away from the 'Now Playing' screen will not stop the music, it will remain in the background unless you press 'Pause' on your remote-control media buttons. A minimized version of the multimedia controls will appear on the bottom of the screen for music navigation and song progress.

● The multimedia buttons on your controller are good to control the music playing on the app. If you press the 'Play/Pause', 'Rewind' or 'Fast Forward' , your Fire TV will act as if it was an audio system.

  • 2. With a Voice Control

    ● Say the command to your Fire TV Remote by pressing and holding the voice command of your Fire TV Remote control with voice feature.
    ● Say the words ‘Amazon Music’ and it will open the menu. Once there, you can search for your favorite music.

    Important Note
    ● The Amazon Music App currently does not support the Amazon Digital Music Store, so it won´t be available as one of the options inside the menu. In spite of this, you can purchase music on your Fire TV with Alexa.
    ● For Amazon Music streaming, the device you´re listening with must be authorized on your Amazon account.
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