How to Add and Use Emoji Keyboard In iOS 11

If you are into a lot of texting, you are probably fond of emojis and might use them more often in your conversations.
Talking about the emojis, it is quite likely that the Emoji keyboard is already enabled in your iOS 11 device. In case it’s not, adding it doesn’t require you to pay anything or download any app from the App Store as the keyboard is already present in your device itself, and merely needs to be enabled.
Here’s how you can add and use the Emoji keyboard on your iDevice running iOS 11:
Add the Emoji Keyboard
    Get to the General window
    Tap Settings > General. This opens the General window. From this window you can manage all your iDevice’s general settings like region, language, and even the keyboards.


    Get to the Keyboards window
    Tap Keyboard > Keyboards. This opens the Keyboards window. Using the options in this window, you can add or remove the keyboards, or set a different layout of the currently selected keyboard.


    Add the Emoji keyboard

Tap Add New Keyboard, and then tap Emoji from the OTHER IPHONE KEYBOARDS list. This instantaneously adds the Emoji keyboard to the existing keyboards’ list.



Use the Emoji Keyboard
    Get to the Messages app
    Tap the Messages icon on your device. This opens the Messages app and shows all your conversation threads.

    Engage in a conversation
    Tap any existing conversation or create a new one. This step creates a platform for you to check if the Emoji keyboard is enabled and is working correctly.

    Open the Emoji keboard
    Tap inside the text field, and tap the Emojis icon. This opens the Emoji keyboard and shows all the emojis available for you to choose from.


    Use the emojis

Tap the emoji(s) you want to add to your message (tap any of the categories from the bottom to get their corresponding emojis to choose from), and tap the Send button. This sends the emoji(s) to the selected recipient(s).