How To Add Fire TV Applications To Home Screen

The Amazon Fire TV is one of the most popularly used devices across the world. Owing to its easy navigation and a wide range of varied features many people prefer this device. Features like connecting with the Alexa are one of the highlights. You can also add applications to the home screen. Here is how you can move your application to the front of the home screen or any other location in the home screen of your choice.

Step 1
Once you get to the home screen of the Amazon Fire TV as shown below, you need to press the ‘Home’ button for a small period. On clicking the home button, you will be noticing a set of options getting displayed on the Fire TV.

Step 2
Once you get this screen with the major options, you need to press the ‘Apps’ choice to open up the apps &games section with the apps that are available.

Step 3
Scroll down through the list of applications with the help of your Fire TV remote and select the application you want to move by pressing the select button your Fire TV remote.

Step 4
Now you should press the ‘Options’ button from your Fire TV remote i.e. the three horizontal lines to open up the options on your home screen of the Fire TV.

Step 5
Now the options menu get displayed on the home screen. From the list of options, you need to choose the ‘Move to Front’ option to move the chosen Kodi application to the front in your home screen of the Fire TV.

In doing this you will see the Kodi application moves to the front.

Step 6
You can also move an application to any position in the home screen, for that you need to first select the application. Then press the ‘Options’ button on your Fire Tv remote and then choose the ‘Move’ option.

You can then move the app with the help of the arrow marks to the location of your choice.

You can now easily add the Fire TV applications to the home screen according to your choice.
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