How to Add Friends in QuizUp

Do you think you're smarter than your friends? If you happen to play QuizUp, you can find out. Here's how to add your friends in QuizUp:


Before, doing anything you have to link your Facebook/Twitter/Google+ account on QuizUp. If you do that, your Facebook/Twitter/Google+ friends will automatically be added.

If you don't want to add your social networks, here's how to find your friends:

To find friends without any social media connections:
1. Open the app on your device
2. Open the sidebar menu by sliding from right to left of the screen

3. Go into ‘Friends’ by tapping on the ‘Friends’ button.

4. In the Search box, type a friend's user name.

5. Tap on the player's profile picture to see if they are your friend. Feel free to add him/her.
6. Alternatively, you can tap on a profile picture to view the complete profile, or add friends directly from the search results by tapping on ‘Add’.