How to adjust the lenses on your HTC Vive


Before you enter into the VR experience it's very important to find the perfect fit for your headset. There are more things that can distract you and prevent you from having the experience you should have. Adjusting your lenses right is very important. This tutorial will help you escape any possible problems with the position of your lenses. Follow this steps to successfully complete the process:

Step 1. There is a chance that your eyelashes may touch the lenses, so in this case you just need to make sure that the lens depth is adjusted by your needs.

Step 2. If you are wearing glasses while you use the headset than do this so your headset can fit right:

  • ■ On your headset on the place where the straps are connected to the headset you can notice gray plastic rings. These rings are the knobs for the lens distance. Just pull them gently, you will need to do this until you hear them click.
    ■ For the distance to be even you will need to twist the lens distance knobs both. Twist them forward and at the same time.
    ■ Once you feel that the lenses are at the best position and deep enough press the lens distance knobs back into their position.
Step 3. To get the clearest view you will need to also adjust the IPD (interpupillary distance) of the lenses. These are the following steps for calibrating your IPD :

  • ■ After you have finished with the set up of your Vive put on the headset
    ■ Find the knob for IPD on your headset. It's located bottom right on the headset.
    ■ You will need to rotate the knob for IPD until you feel that your view is clear and well adjusted.
When you finish with these steps your HTC Vive should feel perfectly and you can start Your adventure with no problem
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