How to Adjust the Resolution of a Mac

The resolution of your computer determines the quality of the picture on your screen. A higher resolution uses more pixels to make up a picture and therefore the quality is better and vice versa. You can change the resolution on your Mac computer whenever you like to increase or decrease the quality of your screen picture.

Step 1
The first thing you want to do is click the Apple button on the top menu. From here, go into the “System Preferences” option. On this page there should be an icon of a computer screen, under the “Hardware” subheading, that says “Displays” under it. Click to open.

Step 2
Once on the Displays page you will see a list of available resolution options. You can click the different resolutions until you decide on which one you want. Remember, the lower the resolution the worse the quality of you screen picture will be.

Step 3
When you choose a resolution option just click the “X” option on your screen. By clicking on the resolution your computer has already automatically saved it. You can go back and switch resolutions whenever you want if you change your mind.

Changing the screen resolution on your Mac computer is easy. Go into you System Preferences > Hardware > Displays. You can choose from a variety of resolution options for your screen. Once you find one you like just close out of the window.

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