How to Answer Questions on Tumblr

When you receive a question on your Tumblr account, you can choose whether to answer it publicly or privately or even ignore a user if you need to.

Step 1: You must have the Ask feature enabled in order to receive questions. To do this, go to your settings – symbolized by the gear icon in your dashboard – and choose the appropriate blog. In the Ask portion of the settings, enable the selection “Let people ask questions.” You can also choose to “Allow anonymous questions”.

Step 2: To access the questions you have been asked, go to your dashboard. On the top of the dashboard, you will see your inbox (envelope icon). When you have received a question or message, it will be displayed in your inbox and you can respond appropriately. If you do not wish to respond to the question or message, you can do nothing.

Step 3: If you are receiving unwanted messages, you can ignore a user, and you will no longer receive messages from them. The ignored user will not be able to see your posts on their dashboard, you won't get notifications from him or her, and you will not receive messages or questions from that account.

Note that you cannot privately respond to anonymous questions because they are not associated with a specific account.

Recap: Answering other users’ questions is a great way to connect with Tumblr followers and help grow your network. With Tumblr, you can answer whatever questions you choose while ignoring the ones you don’t want to address.