How to Apply a Screen Protector to a Smartphone

Smartphones are essential tools. Screens for smartphones are touch-sensitive, but also prone to damage, either from the elements, dirt and grime on hands, or other substances that can scratch or otherwise mar the screen, which is where screen protectors come in. These have to be applied just so, so follow these few steps to learn how to apply a screen protector to a smartphone.

1. Work surface- Select a clean and dry work surface away from dirt or other debris.

2. Screen Cleaning- With your smartphone, you likely got a cleaning solution and a small cloth. Use the solution to spray the screen, then wipe clear and dry using the microfiber cloth. If you don't have solution, just the cloth.

3. Peeling- Peel the screen protector from its backing, taking care not to touch the application side.

4. Alignment- You will notice the shape of the screen protector at the top or bottom and how it fits over or around your buttons. Align the proper end, ensuring you have the edge flush with the screen.

5. Application- Ensure both corners are evenly applied. Using a credit card or the plastic provided, press downward, then to the sides, pushing out air bubbles.