How to Archive Emails in Outlook

Sometimes users may want to back up important emails, keeping them for reference. Archiving in the new Outlook is easy. Read and follow these simple instructions listed below.

1. Logging on and signing in- Open your web browser and go to or and click on Outlook. Sign in with your email address and password.

2. Inbox- By default you will see your inbox and the email messages that are in there, both read and unread. To begin archiving, click the check box next to each email you wish to archive.

3. Hidden options- At the top of your Outlook inbox page is nothing but a blue stripe. However, when you select a specific email or emails, a hidden list of options will appear, one of them being Archive. When you’ve selected your emails, click on Archive.

4. Archive options- After you’ve selected the emails to archive and click on Archive, you will see a popup titled Set Up Message Archiving. Underneath this title is an explanation of moving messages from your inbox to a select folder. You can use an existing folder or create one called Archive. Click the circle next to your desired option and click Ok.