How to Ask Siri to be Your Personal DJ and Recommend Music Based on Your Tastes


Siri, the Apple AI, is incredibly useful when it comes to discovering new music or setting up a playlist of similar music. If you are listening to a song from a certain era or a certain genre, you can use Siri to find more music of the same taste. And unlike other recommender apps, Siri provides actually useful recommendations when it comes to music. Almost everyone is now using Siri to find new music and create their own favourite playlists and we suggest that you follow suit as well.

So here are steps as to how you can use Siri as your personal DJ:

Step 1
Open up 'Siri' on your MacBook pro or any other Apple smart device. Once it is activated you will be asked to provide a command.

Step 2
Play a song of your choice and tell Siri to ‘Play More Songs like this’. Siri will immediately respond saying that she will and the next song which has been picked will be show in your player as well. This option can be used to create a playlist of maximum 50 songs.

Step 3
If you are looking to create a playlist based on a time period you can ask Siri to do so as well. Provide either of the commands, ‘Play Pop Songs from 1985’ or ‘Play the Top Hits of 1980s’. You can of course choose a different era or genre, but you get the picture. You can add up to 50 songs in such a playlist created using Siri.

Step 4
While listening to any of the songs chosen by Siri if you tell her to add the current song to the playlist, she will do so, thereby saving it for quick finding later.