How to best position HTC Motion Tracking Boxes


Apr 25, 2016
How to best position HTC Motion Tracking Boxes
After you pick your play room it is time to position your motion tracking boxes.
This are the following steps you will need to :

1. Position the Base Stations
• The box comes with 2 base stations, 2 power adapters, 2 mounting brackets and 1 sync cable.
• Find the ideal place for your base stations in your play area.
• For best tracking place them at opposite corners of your wall.
• The required height is 2 meters ( 6 ½ feet). The maximum distance that should be between the base stations is 5 meters ( 16 feet)
• Angle the base stations 35-40 degrees down, they should point to your play area and make sure that they have unobstructed view of the other base station.
• When you are mounting the base stations just secure the base stations on the mounted positions. Screw them just enough to be stable and oriented.

2. Power the Base Station
• Connect the power cables to the base stations, plug the power adapters and remove the protective films.
• If the power cord is short you can use any 12V power cable extension.

3. Set the correct mode
• There are mode buttons on the back of each base station. By pressing the mode button, you can change the mode of each base station between 3 modes: a,b or c. The mode is shown on the screen of the base station.
• Change the mode of the first base station to "b".
• Change the mode of the second base station to "c".
• The order of the modes on the base stations does not matter, as long as one is set to "b" and the other one to "c"

4. Check if everything is successful
• If everything went fine, the LEDs of both of the base stations will be green
• Otherwise, if the LEDs are not green something is not right. Check for the following issues:
• Blue LED indicates that the base is not yet stabilized. If never changes from blue, make sure it is mounted correctly, because vibrations can stuck the base to this state
• If the LED is not showing that means it does not have power – make sure it is connected with the power cable to a proper power source.
• Slowly blinking white LED indicates that the base is in stand-by mode. Just try to unplug and re-plug the base station to fix it.
• Solid or blinking purple LED indicates that the base stations are not seeing each other. You need to make sure that nothing blocks the way. If that is not possible, connect the bases with the Sync Cable and set the mode of one base to "a" and the other to "b".
• Now the LEDs should turn green