How to Breed an Angry Dragon in Dragon City Mobile


Social Point’s game Dragon City is available on Facebook and smartphones. You build habitats, grow dragons from eggs onward, and breed them to make new and more powerful types of dragons. Breeding can be a tricky process, and knowing which dragons to put together takes a lot of trial and error. Rare dragons such as the Angry Dragon can be tough to breed, but the steps below will tell you how to do it.

1. Opening your game- Tap the Dragon City icon to open the game.

2. Knowing your elements- The Angry Dragon is a triple element dragon, meaning that it has three elements instead of two. The Angry Dragon has Nature, Flame, and Terra elements.

3. Breeding Grounds- Enter the Breeding Grounds by tapping the breeding grounds.

4. Selecting parents- There can be several combinations that can result in an Angry Dragon. One confirmed combo is Gummy and Wind. In the Breeding Grounds, select the Gummy Dragon and Wind Dragon.

5. Breeding times- It will take 20 hours to breed the Angry Dragon. Once bred, you will have the Angry Dragon egg (provided you don’t have to try numerous times to get it, and you likely will), the egg also taking 20 hours to grow. Once the egg hatches, place the Angry Dragon in an acceptable habitat (habitats matching elements) and feed it to make it grow.