How to Browse Websites Using a Sony Smart TV

If you use a Sony smart TV then you might have tried to browse the web from your TV. But some of you might not have been successful as it is a tricky process. If you are a new Smart TV user who wants to browse web from TV badly then you are in the right place, because we are going to uncover the details of browsing the web from your Sony smart TV.

How to Access the Internet browser:
1. Connect your TV to Wi-Fi.
2. Press the MENU button, on your remote controller of your TV
3. Navigate & select Application by using the arrow button of your remote controller
4. Then navigate to the option Internet Browser using the arrow keys of your remote controller

5. Press the Select button.
When you are finished using the browser, to exit the browser press the MENU or HOME button.

How to Enter a URL address:

1. Press the OPTION button on your TV’s remote control controller
2. From the Option menu, you should select Enter URL/URL ENTRY.

A blank box with a keyboard appears on the TV screen. Where you should type the URL address.
3. You can type the URL with the remote control.
4. After entering the URL address, select Enter.

How to Click or select an item on the Web:
1. To select any item use the arrow buttons on the remote control to move the cursor on the TV screen and highlight an item.
2. When the desired item is highlighted, press the Select button to select it.

How to Add a Bookmark:
1. Press the OPTION button on the remote controller.
2. In the OPTION menu, scroll down to Add Bookmark and select that

If a Bookmark is added, then if you press the option button again which will display Remove Bookmark or Delete Bookmark instead of Add Bookmark option.
3. Bookmarks will be kept and can be retrieved from Bookmark in the OPTION menu

How to go Forward/Backward or Up/Down between pages while browsing:
1. On the remote controller of your TV, press the Green button to go back to the previous page
2. And press the Yellow button to go to the next page OR can use option from TV screen.

3. To scroll down the page down press the red button.
4. And to go to up press Blue button to page up.

How to refresh a web page:
1. Press the Options button using the remote controller.
2. Select Refresh from the options.

3. And then press Enter to refresh the page.