How To Buy a Smartphone on AT&T's Website

There are many big telecommunications companies in the United States making it easy for consumers to choose which one offers plans and choices which fit their budget and lifestyle. One of these giants is AT&T, which offers a wide range of telecommunications products to the public. If you are contemplating buying a smartphone on the AT&T website, here's how you do it in simple, easy to follow steps.

1. Go to the AT&T website first. On their homepage, you will see the menu that will take you to specific pages. Hover your mouse over "Shop" and a drop-down menu will appear. Point your mouse to "Wireles" and you will see more choices. Click "Smartphones."


2. On the "Smartphones" page, you can make your search more specific according to different categories. You can filter your search by manufacturer, condition, contract, length, and others.


3. Once you choose the handset you want and click "View Details," you will then be re-directed to its page where you can see its features, pricing, available plans, and more. If you are sure of your choice, click "Add to Cart."


4. A pop-up window will appear whether you are a new or existing customer. Choose which applies to you.


5. Then another pop-up window will appear requesting your zip code. Type it on the space provided and click "Submit" to proceed.


6. The next page takes you to the plans and pricing. Choose and click "Add." After that a terms of agreement will appear. Click "Agree" and "Continue."


7. Next, choose the type of protection you want for your device. You can also decline and proceed.


8. After that, a pop-up will appear asking you whether you want to add another handset to your plan or not. Choose which one applies to you.


9. You will be asked whether you want to transfer your existing number to the new handset. If you do, you will be taken to another page with instructions how to do that. If not, you stay on the page where all the summary of what you have chosen appears.


10. Lastly, you will have to enter your address and payment information. Before the final check-out, a page which includes all the information for your purchase will appear. Review it to see if you missed something or wrote any mistake before the final check-out.