How to Calibrate Your Display to Fire TV


Amazon Fire TV, the smart device by Amazon has been in the spotlight for a while, offering a technological advancement in digital media along with user friendly features, making it just the device to go after. Fire TV offers a large number of features, primarily allowing users to choose from thousands of movies, and TV shows to watch online, on your Television set.

Fire TV comes with a great set of features. However, some users face some difficulty when it comes to setting up. One such difficulty is device calibration. Here’s how you can calibrate your display to fire TV.

How to 'Calibrate Your Display' to Fire TV?
Step 1
On the 'Home screen' window, look for the 'Settings' tab in the options listed on the top bar.

Step 2
Under the 'Settings' tab, look for the 'Display & Sounds' option among the list that will be displayed.

Step 3
In the 'Display & Sounds' option, go to the 'Display' option from the list of alternatives provided.

Step 4
In the 'Display' tab, select the 'Calibrate Display' option from the two alternatives provided.

Step 5
You will be taken to the calibrator screen. As mentioned, start calibrating your device display using the 'UP' and 'DOWN' buttons provided on the remote, making the arrows completely visible. Select 'Accept'.

Your device display is successfully calibrated to your Amazon Fire TV.