How to Change a Lens on a Nikon DSLR

Changing lenses on Nikon DSLR cameras is a fairly easy process. Follow this procedure to do so.


Step 1: Turn off the camera. Make sure the camera’s power is shut down before removing a lens.

Step 2: Remove the cap cover from the lens that you will be putting on the camera. Once the cap cover is off, place it just on top of the lens to keep it covered until you are ready to put in on the camera.

Step 3: Press the release button on the camera. This will allow you to rotate the lens and take it off of the camera. Once the lens is off, take the cap cover from the other lens and place it on the lens you just removed.

Step 4: Align the mounting index mark on the lens with that of the camera. The lens should slide into the camera. Twist and into place. You will know it is in place when you hear a click.

That’s it! The lens is firmly in place on the Nikon DSLR camera and you are ready to begin shooting again. The entire procedure takes no more than a minute or two. The procedure is the same for any model of Nikon DSLR camera. Be sure to take great care when handling the lenses and use the cap cover to protect the lenses from dust.