How to Change an Avatar in QuizUp

Your avatar is your outward face to opponents in QuizUp. You can change it to a number of options or even a photo you took yourself. Here is how:

1. Open ‘QuizUp’ by tapping on the icon on your device
2. Slide from right to left of the screen to bring out the in-game menu

3. Tap on your username on top of the menu to bring out the profile settings. Alternatively. you can tap on settings and then tap on profile.

4. Then tap on the small picture. A pop up menu with few options will appear.

5. Tap on change avatar.

6. There you will find some pictures to set as your avatar. Tap on any of the available pictures to set it as your avatar.

7. If you don't want to set those pictures as your avatar. Then you can choose any other options from the pop up menu to use a personal photo as your avatar in QuizUp.