How to Check Data Usage on AT&T

AT&T makes it possible for their customers to monitor their usages in a variety of ways. Here are a few of those options:

Step 1: Check for Usage Alerts. Periodic updates sent via text and email after a certain percentage of the monthly allowance has been used up (65%, 90%, 100%). You may not get the update if you are in the middle of a large download.

Step 2: Check your MyAT&T account online. Set up an account on MyAT&T (go to and click on myAT&T at the top), then log in. Go to the Account Summary page and click on the Usage & Recent Activity for more information about your data usage. You can also access your myAT&T account on your smart phone or tablet using the myAT&T app.

Step 3: Request a text update from your phone. On your phone, dial *MIN# (*646#) for minutes usage and *DATA# (*3282#) for data usage. You will receive a text message with your usage information.

Step 4: Call 661. Dial 611 from your wireless phone and they will tell you your balance.

Step 5: Use third-party diagnostic tools. Many tablets and smart phones have built-in data usage monitoring and data-limiting features that can shut off the device’s cellular data connection after a specified limit has been reached. Which features are available and how to reach them vary per device model (instructions for many makes and models can be looked up on There are also downloadable third-party apps designed expressly for these purposes.

All AT&T customers can benefit by using the methods listed above to keep their data usage in check. The information you need is only a click away.