How to Check if your Smartphone is Compatible with a Wearable Device

Some of the latest additions in the vast field of technology are wearable devices like Smartwatches or Google Glass. If you plan to own a Smartwatch or any wearable device to go with your Android phone, then you need check the compatibility of your Android smartphone with the wearable device. Android wearable devices are running on the ‘Android Wear’ OS. Here is how to check if your smartphone is compatible with a wearable device.


1. Turn on with the Android device that you want to connect to an Android Wear wearable.

2. Go to the following link from your mobile/tablet browser.:
3. After opening that link, you will see one of the two images below.

4. If you see that you've gotten a red screen with ‘Cross (X) symbol’ on the picture, then your smartphone is incompatible with your wearable. If you see that you've gotten a green screen with a check mark, then it is compatible with your wearable.
5. Android Wear OS and any wearable device running it are compatible with smartphones which are running on Android 4.3 or higher.
6. Almost any Android smartphone havingearlier than 4.3 are not compatible with Android Wear OS
There are many devices which are not compatible with the wearable devices yet, so you should check the compatibility of your smartphones.