How to Check the Warranty of an iOS 11 Device

Even though you will always get a retail tax invoice when you purchase any Apple product from an authorized retail shop mentioning all the details, sometime you may want to recheck and confirm the warranty of your device with Apple itself.
To make things easier, if your iDevice running iOS 11 (in this demonstration) has an active Internet connection, it lets you check the validity of its warranty without using any external resource or object.
Here’s how:
    Get to the About window
    Go to Settings > General > About. This opens the About window that lets you check all the information about your iOS 11 device (iPhone X for this demonstration).



    Copy the device’s serial number
    Long-tap the Serial Number field, and tap Copy when the command appears in a black callout box. This copies the serial number to your iDevice’s clipboard. You can paste the copied serial number anywhere in your device as long as the destination has an editable or input text field.


    Get to the Apple’s warranty check website
    Get back to the Home screen (connect to the Internet if not yet done), launch Safari from the dock, and go to This takes you to the Apple’s Check Coverage website that lets you check the validity of the warranty of your Apple products.


    Enter your device’s serial number
    Long-tap inside the Enter your serial number field, and tap Paste from the callout box that appears. This pastes the copied serial number in the field.

    Pass the human verification check
    Tap inside the Please enter the code field, enter the characters displayed in the box, and tap Continue. This ensures that you’re not an automated program trying to spread spam. If the characters in the box are not clearly displayed you can tap the Audio or Reload button to listen to the characters or replace the characters with the new ones respectively.

    Check the warranty

Scroll down to the Repairs and Service Coverage section on the next page that opens up, and check if the coverage status shows Active. This confirms that your device is covered under the warranty. You can check the validity of the warranty from the date mentioned next to the Estimated Expiration Date field at the bottom of the section.