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  1. E

    Question Does Replacing my ssd void my warranty

    Hi, I have a relatively new laptop which is having some major CPU issues. Like windows explorer keeps crashing. I would like to get it fixed by the manufacturer because I mean I paid like 2 grand and it can't even use windows explorer and that's crazy, the only problem I am having is replaced...
  2. B

    Question Does samsung galaxy s10+ have any known struggles?

    Hi, I'm writing this post, because i'm quite confused. For first, I'd like to notice that I live in Poland. So, I've decided, it's a time to change my phone, I'm thinking right now about galaxy s10+, but I saw something strange, the prices for same model, can be different in some stores for...
  3. Mushroomweb

    Review OnePlus 7 Pro warranty challenge and bad customer service

    Potential OnePlus Customer alert: The camera did not pop up and this phone literally died on the 19th day of purchased. Repair center claimed that the phone had "water damage" and refused to fix or replace. They want to charge $382.08 to repair the phone! This phone was not near any water when...
  4. R

    Buying Laptop for son doing B.Tech in CA (Programming)

    Hi friends My son is doing B.Tech in Computer Application. Pls suggest me one new or old or open piece laptop which I can buy in California upto $400 max. I don't want SSD only HDD as it would be cheaper. But I do need good battery life and a 8th Generation processor. What are refurnished...
  5. B

    Do you send laptops to brand's service centre for repair after warranty expires?

    I have an Asus ROG. Basically it has a few broken keys + keys behaving as if it's being held down so a dismantling to see if there's critters or dust down there is also in order. But warranty's expired. So I wonder if you still send in to the brand's service centre for repairs or any repair...
  6. M

    Laptop Warranty Void info

    Hello, I was thinking about buying a new laptop. And at the same time just after purchase, if I upgrade the RAM and change HDD to SSD in the laptop then will it void the warranty of the laptop? I mean to upgrade I have to open the back-cover of the laptop. I think i will buy any laptop from Asus...
  7. T

    MSI GL72 6QF fan problem, HIGH temp problem? & tech advice

    My desktop sucks, so my gaming laptop is used for gaming and streaming anything demanding. 6th gen Core i7 6700hq, 8gig ddr4, terabyte HDD, GTX 960M 2g, used heavily for at least 9 months or more in dirty environment (cat hair everywhere!), but it's elevated and on a cooling stand, plenty of...
  8. S

    Put SSD on Lenovo laptop

    I have a Lenovo ThinkPad E460 purchased with Windows 10 and 500GB HDD. I want to swap the HDD with an SSD (probably 500GB, not that it matters). The machine is a few months old and still under warranty. My question is, if I change the HDD with an SSD myself will that void the warranty? Also, how...
  9. R

    Warranty sticker on Ram Upgrade slots

    I recently purchased the Acer aspire E15 575G- 5419 laptop i5-6200u GT 940MX 2gb DDR5 4 GB DDR4 1 TB storage HDD I wanted to play newer games like dying light Just Cause 3 but since they are not so much optimized for 4gb ram i wanted to go for an upgrade. I looked up on the internet an found...
  10. T

    Is this how Gigabyte usually deals with their warranty?

    I purchased a P35Wv2 Gaming Laptop from NewEgg on 11/7/2014. Sadly, it is a lemon. Even worse, Gigabyte has done its best to make this my worst experience in 26 years in the IT industry. Is this par for the course with Gigabyte? My first issue occurred on 3/3/2015, and it had to be sent in for...
  11. TDas777

    Dell Complete Cover Warranty - Query

    HI, I have an Inspiron 7537 with Dell CompleteCover Warranty. Now I want to change the HDD with a SSD. The HDD is stock drive from dell, I want to purchase a SSD from outside and install it. I just have a talk with Dell India Support, they are saying if I change the drive to another drive, it...
  12. B

    i need help!

    i want to buy a dell laptop on Amazon, but i wanted to know if the same 1 year warranty applies to the laptop if i get it on amazon? And is there a way i can get an extended warranty on amazon?
  13. R

    How to Check the Warranty of an iOS 11 Device

    Even though you will always get a retail tax invoice when you purchase any Apple product from an authorized retail shop mentioning all the details, sometime you may want to recheck and confirm the warranty of your device with Apple itself. To make things easier, if your iDevice running iOS 11...
  14. C

    Need Help Looking For Ideal Laptop

    Hey guys I am new to this website and I am looking for friendly advice to find the ideal pc that will suit my needs. Be prepared for my insane list of "ideals/wants" for a limited budget. I know some of the things I ask for may seem impossible with the budget I am about to give but anything...
  15. T

    Is it worth fixing my laptop's BIOS?

    I recently set a password on my laptop's BIOS and I forgot what it was. Unfortunately I did not have it written somewhere and I can no longer access my BIOS. I wanted to install Ubuntu/Linux and be able to use other operating systems. I can't change the boot device without the BIOS. I read that...
  16. F

    MSI Warranty? want to install SSD but Warranty sticker on the back

    So bought a GT 70 Dominatorpro from newegg, and I want to install my 250 Gig samsung evo into it. But the problem is, there's a plain sticker on the back with "Warranty Sticker, Void if tampered". I was wondering if I poke through the sticker, will I void my warranty? The MSI guy that was...