Warranty sticker on Ram Upgrade slots


Dec 29, 2016
I recently purchased the Acer aspire E15 575G- 5419 laptop
GT 940MX 2gb DDR5
1 TB storage HDD
I wanted to play newer games like dying light Just Cause 3 but since they are not so much optimized for 4gb ram i wanted to go for an upgrade.
I looked up on the internet an found these


Now they are compatible with the laptop too.
The ram slots are just beneath the laptop an easily accessible but there are 2 warranty stickers on screws.
I went to Acer service centers an they said they will upgrade their own ram and are charging me 5200rs for it ($76.56) while the one on amazon is just for 2350rs (434.60$)
Can any 1 advise me what to do in such a situation. It is kinda difficult for me to pay double to acer just for a ram upgrade that costs half the market price.
Ps- the ram upgrade slots are extremely easily accessible an too easy to upgrade as i saw in this video
Hey u don't have to convince me you can do it. But yes, vendors are highway robbers, they lock you in conditions so you HAVE to buy it from them.

If I am into the 10th month of a 1 year warranty I tell them to take your warranty and shove it, but if only a few months, with the state of shoddy QA.... in the old days I would tell you 90 days no broke, it's not going to break, but these days I would not tell you that.

So up to you whether to take the risk.