How to Clear "Other" Data from Windows Phone

If you have a Windows Phone, you may have noticed a strange storage category called "Other." in fact, it may be taking up a good chunk of the storage space on your phone. It's annoying when you can't install more apps or games because "Other" is taking up too much room.

Want to reclaim this space? You can. Here's how to do it:

For Windows 8.1:
1. From the app list, go to 'storage sense'

2. From there tap on 'phone'
3. Then tap on 'Temporary files'
4. And finally tap on Delete.

For Windows 8:
1. Go to Settings on your phone

2. Then tap on 'phone storage'.
3. Tap on 'temporary files'

4. And tap on Delete to finalize the process.

If you couldn't clear the "Other" data then you might have to do a ‘Hard reset’. Back up your data before you do this, because you will lose it in the process.

1. Go to settings on your Windows phone.

2. Then tap on 'About'

3. Then tap on 'Reset your Phone'

4. You will be notified with two warning messages. Tap yes if you have backed up your data.
5. Wait for the phone to reset. When it's back, the Other data should be all gone.