How to configure a portable hotspot in Android Marshmallow


Connecting to the internet while on the move is easier than ever now Android allows you to use your phone as a mobile hotspot. As long as your carrier allows the data traffic, you can share your allowance between devices using your phone as a portable hotspot. Here’s how to configure a portable hotspot in Android Marshmallow.

1. Access the Settings menu in Android Marshmallow.
2. Select ‘More’ under Wireless & networks.
3. Select Tethering and portable hotspot and enable Portable Wi-Fi hotspot.
4. Select Set up Wi-Fi hotspot from the menu then enter a network name and strong password or use the ones provided and then save.
5. Use the network name from the previous step on the device you want to use to access the hotspot, enter the password and it should connect.

As long as data is enabled on your Android phone, your connected device should now be able to access the internet with no problem. To make life easier from now on, a hotspot icon should appear in your Quick Settings menu. This will allow you to quickly enable or disable your portable hotspot as you see fit.

A couple of quick notes about using a portable hotspot in Android Marshmallow. Some carrier branded phones have this function disabled. If you cannot find the option within Settings, this might be why. Also, using your smartphone as a portable hotspot will use up your data. Make sure you have the allowance or are aware of the possible data charges this will incur.

Always use some kind of security on the connection. WPA2-PSK should be enabled by default. While it is possible to use a connection with no security, we would certainly never advocate doing it.

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