How To Connect An Android Tablet to a Wi-Fi Network

How Do I Connect My Android Tablet to a Wi-Fi Network?

These days having an Android tablet or a mobile has become very common. One can surf through various websites on the Internet and download video files, audio files, applications etc. at very high speed. If you have an Android tablet and you are unable to connect it to the internet, purchasing tablet is of no use i.e. the price you paid for buying the Android tablet is almost useless. Your device will have only those set of services and apps that were pre-installed on it when you purchased the tablet initially.

  1. ■Ensure that the router has an updated firmware.
    ■On your tablet, tap the Apps icon (apps drawer) present on your device home screen.
    ■Tap the Settings icon.
    ■From the left pane, tap the Wi-Fi icon under the Wireless and network category.
    ■From the right pane, from the available list, tap the name of the Wi-Fi network (SSID) to which the device is to be connected.

    ■On the opened box, type the password in the Password field.
    ■Tap Connect button to connect the device to the selected Wi-Fi network.

Troubleshooting While Connecting To Wi-Fi Network?

  1. ■In case any problem occurs while connecting to a network, turn off the router and then restart it. This is the easiest way of troubleshooting when an error occurs. This process works most of the time. Removing the power supply of the router and then restarting it after half a minute refreshes the router. Once the connection is established by the router, try reconfiguring your tablet.
    ■Android tablets do not point the error made while typing the password or the passcode which is unlikely to some other devices. Sometimes your tablet shows connecting for a long time; this is an indication that you may not have typed the correct password. Just refresh your connection and make sure that the required information is typed correctly this time.
    ■If you are not connected to a network but your device shows the connection, it may be because the signals being received from the router are weak. Cause of weak signals can be the large distance between the router and your tablet. You need to get into the signal range of the router in order to get it working. Network connection issues may also occur if the authentication with the router fails due to incorrect username or password.
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