How to Connect Antennas and Watch More Programs on your Roku TV

Roku is a big name. Being an incredible player and service provider of entertainment content, Roku has different products for different purposes. One of these is the Roku TV. Now, the Roku TV works the best when you connect it to an external antenna. But for it to function, you need to follow a simple procedure to connect the external antenna to the internal antenna in the TV for smooth transition and output. The upside is you get to watch a lot more programs and content than the regular content in the TV or Roku device. Now let’s head on to that simple procedure.

Before diving into the procedure, make sure you have the Roku Remote and Antenna Cable. Use 300-75 Ohm adapter for 300 Ohm Twin-lead cable. Make sure you connect it to the TV slot for the cable.

Step 1
Press ‘Home’ Button
Press ‘Home’ button on the Roku remote which will lead you to the main menu or primary set of options.

Step 2
Select ‘Antenna’
In the set of options provided in front of you, select ‘Antenna'.

Step 3
Click ‘Start Finding Channels’
When you select Antenna, an onscreen box with two options will appear. Click on ‘Start Finding Channels’ to tune your TV.

Step 4
Press ‘No’
The further steps include two options. You need to press ‘No, Channels 3 and four not needed’ because we don’t need custom tuning into those channels.

Step 5
Let it scan
After you opt for tuning, let your antenna scan for more channels. It will take almost 30 minutes to tune more channels.

Step 6
Click ‘Done’ if done.
You will get more than 130 channels on your Roku TV. You can click ‘Done’ after this process.
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