How to Connect your Reddit Account to Alien Blue

Reddit is a social news and entertainment website where you can post texts or direct links (provided you are a registered user of the site). With its acquisition of the app Alien Blue, Reddit users can enjoy and track posts even when you're away from your computer. Here is how you connect your Reddit Account to Alien Blue.

1. First, you need to download the app into your iPhone or iPad. Go to the App Store, type Alien Blue on the search bar. Then, tap the Alien Blue icon to install it into your iOS device.


2. After installing the app, you can begin syncing your Reddit account to the app. Scroll down the screen and tap the Settings button found at left corner of the screen. The button looks like a cog wheel.

3. On the Settings page, you will see Reddit Accounts. Tap "Add your Reddit account" and enter your Reddit username and password. After you log in, the app will tell you whether the log in is successful.

4. After a successful log in, the app will automatically sync all the information you have from your Reddit account and will do so every time you log in.