How to Continue Watching a Netflix Show on a Different Device

Netflix is one of the most used video streaming services of the world. Users can watch TV series and feature films from a very wide collection of genres. It uses an algorithm to create a much better viewing experience from your viewing history.
Netflix generally charges a monthly subscription fee where the first month of the subscription remains free. You will then be required to pay the fee to continue watching Netflix. Netflix remembers where you paused and left the video and you can continue watching it on the same or any other device. Here’s how to Continue Watching a Netflix Show on a Different Device.

1.Open 'Netflix on PC'
Go to on your web browser. If Netflix is already Signed-in to one account, sign out from the existing account from by hovering over the profile icon in top right of the webpage. You can either open the web browser or the app.

2.'Select A Show' to Watch
You can select any show as this feature is available across all TV shows, movies and documentaries.
You have to start watching the show or else the algorithm won’t work. And after you leave it at a point further, it will save the time and you can get back to it on any device afterward.

3.Open 'Netflix on Phone or Tablet'
You can download the Netflix app for Android, 'here.'

4.Scroll and Find 'Continue Watching'
You will now find a section in your Netflix app that says 'Continue Watching'. Just click the 'Play' button and you are good to go. The video will play right where it stopped.

Now You Can Watch the Video Right Where You Left It.