How to Create a LinkedIn Business/Brand Page

If you are an entrepreneur and have an active LinkedIn profile, it is a good idea to create a LinkedIn business or brand page. With such a page, you can advertise your brand/business, allow others to follow your page, and share business updates with others.

While creating a business or brand page on LinkedIn, the process asks you for your business email address. Once you provide the email address, you are required to confirm the address by clicking the ‘Confirm email’ button available in the verification email that you receive in your email inbox..

After you have successfully confirmed your business email, you can start using your LinkedIn business/brand page normally.

Here’s how you can create your business/brand page on LinkedIn:

    ■Sign-in to your LinkedIn account using any web browser.
    ■On the Home page, hover mouse to the Interests menu from menu bar at the top.
    ■From the expanded list, click the Companies option.

    ■On the Companies page, under the Create a Company Page section, click the Create button from the right pane.

    ■Once the Add a Company interface opens up, type the company name and your business email address in the Company name and Your email address in the company fields respectively.
    ■Check the I verify that I am…. checkbox available below the Your email address in the company field.
    ■Finally, click the Continue button, and follow the on-screen instructions to create the business or brand page.


Note: Before you can continue using your LinkedIn business/brand page, you must confirm your business email by clicking the corresponding button in the verification email that you receive in the inbox of the email address that you provided in the Your email address in the company field.