How to Create a Spotify Playlist

Everyone has their own musical tastes, and you may want to listen to your favorite songs over and over again on Spotify. To do this, all you need is to make a playlist and add your favorite songs.

Want to jam but don't know how to make a playlist? Just follow these steps:

For Mac & Windows:
The method of creating playlist on Spotify from a Mac & Windows based PC is similar.
1. Click on ‘+ New Playlist’ on the left pane and give a name to the playlist.

2. To add songs on the Playlist just ‘Drag and drop’ songs into the playlist from anywhere of Spotify.

3. Or right-click on an album or track and choose Add to ... then select a playlist to add that album or song in the specified playlist.

For Android & iPhone :
The method of creating playlist on Spotify from Android & iPhone is similar.
1. Tap on the menu button which will be look like three lines in the top left corner.

2. Tap on the option ‘Your Music’.

3. Tap on the option ‘Playlists’.

4. Tap on the ‘plus (+) sign’/Edit.

5. Type a new name for your Playlist and tap on ‘Create’.

For Windows Phone:
1. Just Press and hold a song that you want to save to a playlist.

2. Tap on ‘add to..’ from the dropdown menu.

3. Tap on ‘New Playlist’ & give a name to your Playlist.

4. Tap on ‘OK’.

In the same way you can add more songs.