How to Create Hard-Drive Partitions on the MacBook Pro

Creating a hard drive partition can provide a variety of benefits to a PC user. Firstly, it means that you can now have a separate space for a particular type of files. Add to this the fact that this will also reduce the amount of pressure on your hard drive and also processes to run faster.

While Windows PCs usually come with one or more hard drive partitions, this is the not the case with Apple laptops. If you have a MacBook Pro your entire hard disk is just one big space, and partitioning it can provide you with the aforementioned benefits. So if you’re wondering about how to get this done, follow the steps below:

Step 1
Open up the finder window and click on the 'Applications' tab on the left side menu.

Step 2
Find the folder titled ‘Utilities’ and open it.

Step 3
In the next window open the application titled ‘Disk Utilities’.

Step 4
In the disk utilities window click on the ‘Apple SSD’ tab on the left side menu.

Step 5
Click on the 'Partition' button which you can find at the top portion of the window.

Step 6
Click on the ‘+’ symbol below the circle.

Step 7
Provide it with a 'Name' and also input the 'Size' you want the partition to be.

Step 8
Click on ‘Apply’ and when the confirmation window pops up click on the ‘Partition’ button on it.

And now your hard drive should have a partition to it with the size you mentioned.

Remember to not give a partition too much space otherwise applications in the smaller one may not function properly. Also, this task is preferably carried out overnight since creating partitions can take quite a bit of time.
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