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    Question Help needed - Macintosh HD partition inaccessible after resizing Bootcamp partition

    Hello everyone, Recently, I decided to do a clean install on my MacBook Pro. To preserve my system, I cloned everything (macOS + Bootcamp Windows) onto an external hard drive. Using this external drive, I was able to boot directly into my old system and access all of my files without any...
  2. H

    Question Need to extract data from Logical partition of hard disk

    Hi All, I have a laptop Hard disk 2.5" with a lot of personal data in it. The hard drive has a logical partition. I need to access it's data without having to recover it. Can I simply connect the hard drive to another laptop and access the logical partition in it? Kindly help on the same
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    Best way to encrypt data partition

    Currently using Dell Laptop with Win 7 Pro. I use VeraCrypt to make encrypted containers in which I store important files which are not used everyday. Many document files which I use daily, generally LibreOffice files, are not within the container but protected by long password. There are many...
  4. J

    Solved! how to format hard drive with windows 10 in command prompt, i am experiency cyclic redundancy check during creating partion

    what is cyclic redundancy check, i experience it during creating partition primary at command prompt.
  5. R

    How to Create Hard-Drive Partitions on the MacBook Pro

    Creating a hard drive partition can provide a variety of benefits to a PC user. Firstly, it means that you can now have a separate space for a particular type of files. Add to this the fact that this will also reduce the amount of pressure on your hard drive and also processes to run faster...
  6. S

    Can't boot freedos after Win10 install

    Hi! On a new lenovo laptop with freedos on partition-1 (/dev/sda1), I installed Win10 in partition-2 (/dev/sda2). Now when I try to boot freedos I get Windows. :( How do I revive freedos? I also have two versions of linux in /dev/sda5 and /dev/sda6, and my bootloader is grub2. It has an...
  7. S

    Need help with missing partition

    I have a Lenovo Ideapad 110s and I can't install windows on it. The whole partition was deleted and I don't know how to recover the partition on put windows back on the eMMC flash storage. I've tried everything possible but nothing seem to work. Any suggestion?
  8. V

    Setting a whole partition as onedrive folder

    Hey... So i have an external hard drive that i need to periodically and automatically backup to onedrive, but i can't set the whole drive on onedrive instead it just creates a folder in it. That doesn't work in my situation as the files i need to back up are very path specific, changing their...
  9. J

    Format option not showing up in Windows XP drive partition

    I have a friend who is trying to wipe his Windows XP laptop, but needs to format his hard drive, and his partitions don't have the format option when he right clicks.
  10. B

    Solved! S7 edge screen freeze

    S7 edge screen freeze and then start after few minutes by pressing power+volume button . From few days my phone hangs and screen off. Can anyone helps me how to overcome this issue. I also try wipe cache partition and also factort reset. Please tell me how to overcome this issue.
  11. noor1000

    is my hard HARD DISK is dying ?

    hi i buy from ebay 3.5-inch 2TB HGST HARD DISK now I start hearing sound from my hdd after i format it and resize partition like this sound in 0:14 from this video but i tested hdd its give me 100% health and no bad sectors should i bay new one...
  12. M

    HP laptop, can't get into BIOS and BIOS recovery fails.

    I have two partitions in my SSD. A Linux and a windows one. A few months ago the windows partition stopped working after a Microsoft update. I was using Linux all this time just fine but today I thought why not try and format that partition and do a clean install. I tried to get into BIOS...
  13. L

    huawei p8 lite emergency data

    My phone suddenly showed me a screen telling me Emergency data: The users Data Partition has crashed. Please choose an action : Back up Factory reset Restart I didnt have an sd card so i cant factory reset. Also i tried inserting a sd card in order to back up but it doesnt let me. Restart dont...
  14. J

    Messed up when install new window on a laptop with intel optane

    Thing start normal i open up the window setup and load the RTS driver and my disk show up, i delete the ESP,System,MSR and fwindow partition. Strangely the ESP partition when i delete it does not merge back into 1 disk, instead it stay at and unallocated space with 1 gb. Even running just fine...
  15. S

    Samsung mobile device memory damaged

    The data partition has been corrupted . you need to reset device to factory defaults. This will erase all your data
  16. P


    Hi, i can have one of both, and i really like both, so i can't decide which buy, do you think that the partition master is necessary? because i think i could do everything without software so i probably go for backup what u think ? ty
  17. M

    I have MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012) and OS is in a separate partition of 50GB. and other partition empty with over 200GB.

    I have MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012) and OS is in a separate partition of 50GB. and other partition has files and have empty with over 200GB. When I attempt to update SIERRA, I get message there is no space. I am getting frequent messages saying no space even though I have over 200GB space...
  18. C

    Unable to pull data from hard drive

    Im trying to pull some files off a hard drive from a broken PC but I cant access the partition with windows on it (the old C drive) i get a "Access is denided" popup. idk if this is important but it was windows 10
  19. P

    how can i install win 10 on my acer laptop, it wasn't accepting disk partition of c drive, i have deleted the c drive but now

    i have win 8 on my acer laptop, as it have hanging problem i tried to change my operating system. For that i inserted win 10 cd and i tried to install on c drive it said that i cant install on any partition, so i deleted the c drive partition so that i can create a new partition and i can...
  20. G

    S6 Edge Plus taking forever in 'wiping cache partition'.

    Attempted to wipe cache partition in recovery mode, but my S6 has been displaying "Wiping cache" for several hours now. Should it ever take this long ? The cache has not been wiped before during the entire life of the device's operation - over 2 and a half years. Would like to know what to do...
  21. T

    When adding an SSD, should i delete partitions?

    So im about to buy a new laptop but it only has a hard drive and linux on it. I want to add a M.2 ssd to it and install windows 10 on the ssd. So my question is, when installing windows, i will get the option to choose where to install it and there will probably be a list of partitions from the...
  22. J

    Error we couldn’t update the system reserved partition

    When I tried updating the Windows 10, it gives the error message "We couldn’t update the System Reserved Partition – Windows 10'. Can anyone help?
  23. J

    Solved! Tablet stuck in powered by Android screen

    I tried pushing power button and then the volume button down and nothing happened is there can get to the safe mode or am I what am I doing something wrong 8. A I can get to the recovery section by holding down the power button and the volume button when it comes on but then I'm not sure what to...
  24. M

    When I press power to wipe cache partition on a galaxy s7 edge should it give any feedback?

    I followed instructions and pressed the power button but nothing seemed to happen but the phone won't take any more input.
  25. S

    Solved! virus modified mbr

    A virus on my pc has modified the mbr of my ssd & bitlocked a hidden partition containing modified inf & setup files. Diskpart cleanall says drive is clean. Reinstalling from a dvd reinstalls drivers that lock hdd. Help
  26. W

    how to boot the os from the usb drive if it is failing to boot from the usb?

    i did the invalid partition, then the pc its failing to recognize the operating system from both the hard drive and the usb what can i do.
  27. S

    Solved! Windows wont load

    Hi, My laptop froze yesterday and when i restarted it i got the blue screen that says windows needs to be repaired (i think the error code was 0xc000000f or something like that. I have a recovery usb but when i tried the "refresh your pc option" it says the driver where windows is installed is...
  28. N

    Hidden partition inside a partition in a new Samsung 850 EVO SSD

    I bought a new Samsung 850 EVO SSD 250 GB. Then, I used Samsung Data Migration Software to migrate all data from my old hard drive. The new drive booted smoothly but when I checked my disk partitions, there is only 1 partition C (the old one has two : C and D). And that 1 partition used space is...
  29. N

    Usb port drivers, touchpad and internet adapter driver does not work in win10/7 dual boot

    Please Help, i dual booted windows 7/10 without a flash drive by simply creating a partition and running the setup files in windows 10(primary os) and installing them to the 'E:' Partition, i could use my keyboard, but it does not have my touchpad driver, usb port drivers and wifi adapter driver...
  30. G

    Setup Disk, no Hidden Partition onHDD>

    I need a recovery disk for a Toshiba satellite A210 . I was given this computer as a present. no hidden partition on HDD. is it possible to get a setup disk?
  31. C

    Can't run CHKDSK

    I got an I/O device error message when attempting to create a partition on my hdd so I tried to run CHKDSK, but after restarting I got this: The only way I am able to get system restore to work is by booting with the system recovery tool, but its saying that no restore points have been...
  32. A

    Windows 8 OS partition help

    I have a problem with the partition that holds the OS system. I wanted windows 7 so i used a disk to try to install it. During the installation process, it would not accept the partition I selected and said that the partition needed to be formatted. I went to format it and accidentally formatted...
  33. M

    Laptop won’t boot not even to BIOS

    Ok so this issue mostly arose out of my own stupidity but here goes. I have an Asus laptop g751jy and it worked absolutely perfectly until a day ago. I think I accidentally deleted the system reserve partition by expanding an extra (which looked unused to me) partition on my SSD because I needed...
  34. G

    Can bad sectors cause entire encrypted partition useless?

    On my 500 GB HDD I have a partition about 150 GB in size that's encrypted using TrueCrypt software. Suppose a few bad sectors develop on that partition and HDD attempts to reallocate the same and fails, would it in away mean that now the entire TrueCrypt encrypted partition could all the way...
  35. J

    Outlook 2007 question

    I installed windows 10 on a seperate partition due to the main one becoming unbootable. I tried everything under the sun to get it to work and no luck. Anyways i reinstalled outlook 2007 and was wondering the best way to copy over the data. I can still access the other partition and get to...
  36. M

    How to make my laptop faster?

    I’m using Hp Envy m6-1125dx notebook comes with:- HP ENVY m6-1125dx Notebook PC CPU: Intel Core i5 3230M @ 2.60GHz with Turbo Boost Technology up to 3.10GHz Memory: 8GB DDR3 SDRAM (2 DIMM) 1600MHz Graphics: Intel HD graphics 4000 with up to 1664MB total graphics memory Operating System...
  37. K

    how long does wiping the cache partition on the galaxy s7 take?

    i'm attempting to clear my cache partition, but it's taking a long time. is this normal?
  38. B

    Help cloning system partition

    I got a new pcie nvme m.2 SSD for my msi laptop that has nice slot for it. Can anyone point me to detailed guide for cloning system partition from old hdd to new SSD so it's bootable?
  39. G

    Newly Cloned SSD only shows half of available space. Do I need to partition different?

    Hi all... I just upgraded my Acer Predator Laptop from a 256GB m.2 SSD to a 525 crucial m.2 SSD and after reinstalling the new SSD it has the same partition values as the previous 256GB drive I just cloned. All the information is here and it works like a charm but it shows now additional space...
  40. V

    My pc , Bios , hdd is stuck, automatically changes partition from MBR to GPT

    My laptop is lenovo G50-80 and my bios setting is legacy first my bios support uefi and normal bios but I trying to boot into CD my bios setting is auto change legacy to uefi and also HDD styles changes MBR to gpt and it says efi partition and its automatically created more and more partition on...
  41. knanan

    Windows 10 Unsupported Disk Layout for UEFI Error

    A common problem that Windows users have encountered when trying to update Windows 10 is the “Unsupported Disk Layout for UEFI Firmware” error. This error basically means that the partition structure of your hard drive is not supported by the version of Windows 10 that you want to upgrade to...
  42. Rafael Mestdag

    Is there a cloning software that clones an OS onto a partition?

    I mean, I've tried a lot of software but the best they can do is to clone an OS onto an entire disk instead of a single partition. I'm trying specifically to clone a Windows 10 OS from my 2TB HDD onto a 70GB partition from a 240GB SSD but as I said no software I have tried so far seems to do...
  43. P

    Installing Linux on a Windows Laptop

    Hi, I have an Asus X551M Laptop that came preinstalled with Windows 8.1. Since then, I have uninstalled Windows and am now trying to install Kali Linux onto it. However, I think the partitions are locked, as there are four partitions named "System", "MSR Reserved" and two Primary" partitions...
  44. R

    dual booted before but now windows can't be booted

    i had windows 10 installed, then dual booted fedora in another partition of hard disk. but now windows didn't show up during boot. there was no grub interface as well. I tried to reinstall windows in c by formatting the windows partition but what i got was, after finishing the installation...
  45. V

    Scan Report: Seeking advice on action to be taken?

    Hi, Recently, I backed up the data on my desktop hard drives to an external Seagate hard drive. After the backup, I ran Quick Heal antivirus on the Seagate drive and received the following Scan Report: J:\disk 1\Mydox_old\pix\ Detected: "JPEG/IFrame.RP" File is skipped...
  46. S

    Nobody has EVER asked this before? Or are my habits are catching up with me...

    After searching over and over (and I consider myself fairly good at it) I have never seen this question asked. I've seen thousands and thousands of people requesting factory restore images and have seen even more, buying off of eBay their original recovery disks. I have access to hundreds of...
  47. P

    Recover windows 7 after deleting Ubuntu partition, but bootable device is returning to splash screen only

    Hello, i've ubuntu and windows on my laptop.By mistake i've deleted the linux partition. And on restarting it is showing error: unknown file system Grub Rescue error.. it is not recognizing the bootable pd for Windows 7... On setting boot option to usb, it shows press any key to restart, and on...
  48. J

    I deleted partions D: & E: then extended my C: partition. Not disk wont boot.

    It's a 480GB SSD by Mushkin (yeah, I know, POS) I used the Disk Management utility. I extended to the right? C: drive was to the right. BIOS recognizes the drive. Disk Management picks up the drive when plugged in to and external connection after 5 minutes of being plugged in. Says Not...
  49. J

    Laptop not working. Showing black screen

    I have dell vostro 2420 come pre installed with windows 8. I have updated it to windows 10. But by mistake I have delete all the partition including system partition also. Now laptop is not working and showing black screen. What to do....plz help
  50. D

    Partition Problems on Windows 7

    I recently bought a off lease PC and I am trying to clone the 500GB HDD onto a 240GB SSD. I tried to partition the HDD into 240GB or smaller so I could use a SATA USB dock but the smallest i could partition it down to was 250GB. The HDD has an activated copy of Windows 7 on it and I would prefer...
  51. F

    Toshiba C650-152 (PSC12E-00L00DEN) - Unable to boot from USB or DVD Drive

    I'm trying to partition my Windows 7 Toshiba with 16.4 Ubuntu to learn the basics of linux required for running a Zcash/Ethuereum mining rig. I have created a bootable USB using Rufus, and a bootable DVD with the same iso - but the laptop will not boot from either the CD drive, or either USB...
  52. M

    About recovering deleted text files

    How can i get my Word and text files back from a formatted partition ? i really need only the text files cuz they are V.important for me ! Really the hard disk was damaged , and it was not able to open so i've formatted it by " Quick Format " .. and i was searching for a program can recover my "...
  53. C

    Using both 'Bitlocker' and 'VeraCrypt' at the same time on one partition

    Is it possible to encrypt a particular drive/partition using Bitlocker and then using VeraCrypt? Are there any advantages to doing this? The assumption is that the password used for Bitlocker is completely different than the one used by VeraCrypt and in both cases the password is more than 25...
  54. P

    Help needed! Bad virus, formatted drive, need to get OS back, no OS partition.

    Time sensitive! Help! Stuck! Had a bad virus, Toshiba Satellite laptop, was forced to completely format the drive thus eliminating the OS recovery install partition. I am unable to proceed any further, I absolutely thought this computer would have had some sort of failsafe to NOT format the...
  55. B

    Cloning HDD to SSD

    Hi, guys. Sorry, I'm a newbie, so cloning looks pretty difficult to me. I have a 500GB HDD with just a single partition, that is C drive. I've gotten a 256GB SSD that I want to replace the HDD. I want to clone the HDD to SSD, but just want to partition SSD into 2 drives, the primary C drive and...
  56. A

    Solved! no partition gor installing windows

    No partition to install window 7on Dell Insporon 55520
  57. A

    my laptop infected

    hello my system was infected i cant open my photos anymore,are in D partition when i open my pc it start alone a page on browser and it write that all my files are encrypted How i can save my pictures from D partition? thank u
  58. J

    acer aspire e13 partition settings

    I have tried to set up a partition on my Acer Aspire e13 hard drive but somehow I have got the partitions all wrong. This acer has 1000gb memory. Can you please tell how many gb each partition should hold, and what the partition are drive letter is. I suppose I am asking for the factory...
  59. I

    Recovering Windows Partition

    I was stuck in a boot loop and now that I have started to install windows im at the place where you pick where you want to install windows. I Have Drive 0 Partition 1: Recovery 300MB 44MB Recovery Drive0 Partition 2 99MB 69 MB System Drive 0 Partition 3 128 MB 128 MB...
  60. B

    Can't install Windows Server 2016

    Well. What the title says. Everytime I try to install Windows Server 2016 on a 165GB partition it won't let me, saying that the partition does not count with enough free space (even though it is 100% free space). I have 2 physical 465GB HDDs in my computer partitioned like this: DISK 1 -System...