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  1. B

    different os's on different partitions

    I was just wondering that how can i install a linux on another partition besides having a windows 8 in my C drive undisturbed.
  2. mktoater

    Can I run a virtual OS with the OS that is installed on my HDD?

    I'm not sure where to put this thread, but here it goes. I have a few machines that I have double- and triple-booted -- various versions of Windows, OSX and linux. So I was wondering if I could use a Virtual machine and run the OS that is already installed on the harddrive while on another OS...
  3. T

    Partitioning from Boot

    Hey guys I'm trying to partition from boot via usb but can't seem to find a means to pull it off. I've tried wizard from cd and using that iso via isotousb and not working. Do you guys have any preferred software to partition from boot?
  4. O

    non stop backup for partition C

    hi all I used to deal with Symentec Ghost to create an image for Partition C. but that image will be as static reference. so I am looking for an application which takes backup of partition C all the time without stopping. regards,
  5. T

    gateway nv50a restore partition key

    how to access restore partition on gatewaynv50a
  6. J

    Laptop won't POST - straight to Intel PXE ROM

    Hey guys, Running a Toshiba laptop (Satellite L655). I was in Windows 7 trying to install SP1 in Windows Update, but it gave an error. I searched on the net and it said the Win7 partition needs to be marked active, so I did that in Disk Management and did Start>Restart. I figured worst case...
  7. I

    Partition Recovery Software

    I am looking for a good partition recovery software. I have a RAID 50 set up, 2TB+ of drive space. Had two partitions on it, ran diskpart clean on the wrong disk and lost the data. No additional data has been written to the drive. The machine has not been powered off either. Contained 1 VM and...
  8. O

    question regarding my new laptop hard drive partition

    i just bought a laptop that had an advertised 750GB hard drive. its an msi ge60 460 GB is in C: where all the programs and stuff are installed and 230GB is in Data D: 217GB is free in D: it says which is basically empty but has some hidden files. why does it reserve so much space?
  9. A

    How do I partition and format a new hard drive if I can't reach disk managment

    I have a Compaq Presario CQ62-417NR and the hard drive crashed (error 303). So I bought a new hard drive and installed it correctly, but since it is blank I cant reach disk management to partition nor format the new hard drive. I have a windows 7 upgrade disc but do I need the windows 7...
  10. M

    Lenovo OneKey Recovery?

    What is the default partition setting for Lenovo OneKey Recovery? Initially, there was just this huge 400+ GB C: partition and a 20 GB something D: partition. After purchase, the sales rep had partitioned my hard disk to a 100+ GB C: and a 400+ GB D: on first use. But when I restored my...
  11. D

    partition error on laptop

    harve a partion error at do I fix
  12. E

    Can't reinstall windows

    Hello, I wanted to reinstall windows, but i can't reinstall it. When i try to it says that there is not enough space on the system partition? But i have alot of free space :( I have tried on all drives .. Even the full free one says no .. Pic of the drives & Partitions ...
  13. L

    Acer TravelMate 8572

    I have an Acer TravelMate 8572 with Win7 Pro. I have the original recovery (3) disks. Am I better off using the PQService partition or the recovery disks?
  14. M

    Restore OS image partition

    Hello, i need some help on something. What i want to do is to make an image of my OS and then restore this image on a hard disk which already contains one partition with data (and sufficient free space for the OS image transfer ofcourse). This means i should end up with a hard disk where...