Laptop won't POST - straight to Intel PXE ROM


Aug 11, 2010
Hey guys,
Running a Toshiba laptop (Satellite L655). I was in Windows 7 trying to install SP1 in Windows Update, but it gave an error. I searched on the net and it said the Win7 partition needs to be marked active, so I did that in Disk Management and did Start>Restart. I figured worst case scenario I can't boot so I boot into GParted from my utilities flash drive and switch it back and try again (like similar things I've done before).

But nope! Laptop just boots to a plain black screen and hitting buttons sets off the beeping tone. I tried removing the hard drive, and it says exiting Intel PXE ROM, insert bootable media. Problem is:

No POST! It just goes STRAIGHT to that. F2 for Setup(BIOS) doesn't work. F12 for Boot Manager doesn't (I just realized it's actually F9 but I assume it's the same issue). It never shows a screen saying to press anything, the POST screen with the Toshiba logo and everything, just skips POST entirely. Boot order was USB to Hard Drive (from what I remember, but I definitely know network boot wasn't part of the equation). Inserting my USB drive and hitting enter does nothing.

I'm stuck! Next thought was to try removing the CMOS battery, which apparently requires disassembling the laptop (it's not under the other access panel on the bottom, I checked. *sigh*). I did try removing the battery and pressing the power button and holding down for 10 seconds a couple of times, did nothing.

What can I do??