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    Still have the big recovery partition, just not the small (first) one. How to use?

    I have a Packard Bell Easynote ENTF71BM here which I was supposed to fix. I figured a fresh reinstall of Windows 8.1 without crapware could be sweet, and I was nice enough (not my laptop) to keep the recovery partition, just in case. But I deleted the first few partitions on disk, the small...
  2. C

    Copy the Recovery CD's that came with my Gateway Laptop to a new drive I installed

    After a hard drive crash (no longer accessible), should I just partition the new drive and copy the CD's into the second partition. If so, how would I activate the recovery to the 1st partition. Since the CD's are not bootable, I need to know have to "rescue" my drive using the disks.
  3. G

    Trying to reset Lenovo T440s Windows 8.1 but it come up with "Unable to reset your PC. A required drive partition is missing"

    Trying to reset Lenovo T440s Windows 8.1 but it come up with "Unable to reset your PC. A required drive partition is missing" Help please.
  4. S

    create new partition in win 8.1

    I recently bought one lenovo z50 70 with 1 TB HDD 8 GB SSD. OS win 8.1 it has some hidden predefined partitions for reinstall and rescue and the os is in a 850GB (C:) partition. I want to create a new partition to my data storage but windows manager does not have a "create" option. I installed a...
  5. S

    product is covered by one or more of the following patents

    hello, i was trying to install windows 7, but there was a problem, when i tried to select the drives to install winows 7,it kept telling me "the disk is of the gpt partition style", i deleted all the drives and made new drives but it still gave me the same error, so i opened command prompt and...
  6. V

    pc is crashing

    hello ppl, i am having a prob with y pc. it keeps saying ur boot sector is missing, operating system not found, boot partition is missing etc. I tried everything re-plugging my HDD, re-installing my OS. It works fine when it re plug it but it shows one of the same prob every time i boot my pc...
  7. D

    Recovery from partition

    I have the recovery partition but no disks, doing this for a friend, pain in the $@#&*&, gimme a home brew computer any day, is there any way to create these disks from the partition without the software ?
  8. F

    Decrypt encrypted USB through Ubuntu

    I encrypted my windows 7 partition using a usb as key and then also encrypted the usb and the recovery key for windows 7 is in the usb itself. I only have the encryption password I entered while encrypting usb and windows 7. I have Ubuntu installed on a separate partition. What can I do? If I...
  9. B

    after resizing drive c laptop shows black screen only

    After trying to create a new partition on c drive my laptop shows only black screen!!!!
  10. E

    SDHC saying no known file system

    Hi, I have an SDHC card with some photos on which are not backed up. When I try to explore the files on the card windows says that it needs to format the card ( I click no), it goes on to say that the card does not contain a recognised filesystem. I've been trying different recovery software...
  11. V

    Facing Partition Problem

    How Do You Create Partitions In Windows 8? I Have 2 Partitions , One Containing OS and Other Has Recovery Files, Nothing else In Any Partition And I Wanted To Install Windows 7
  12. C

    Is it possible to use a USB flash drive both as ram and to boot OS when necessary and data ?

    I have a Lexar S35 64 GB that readyboost doesn't comply with but I've recently found there are other versatile softwares such as eboostr, primocache, primo ramdisk, though I don't know much about them. Can I partition it and leave some space (let's say 4 or 8 GB) to use as ram on one side...
  13. C

    Can't Partition Mac Truecrypt Drive

    Yosemite 10.10.2 - 1TB hard drive just for data (OS X is on a different drive). The 1TB is encrypted w/ Truecrypt. I have been using Truecrypt for a few years and now I want to stop using it. I copied all my data off of the internal hard drive, but in Truecrypt 1.7a I see no option to Decrypt...
  14. F

    Windows 7 and unnamed partitions

    Hi My main drive is partitioned in 2. My C: drive which includes my program files and my windows and drive F: which includes my data (photos, music etc…) However, when I installed Windows 7, the software created 2 no name partitions. The first is a 100MB partition which I understand to be...
  15. Y

    how do i enable the BIOS of rlg mgs one for windows 7 intallation

    Please am Gideon when i try to make partition on the unallocated drive it didn't work (error)
  16. K

    tried system restore but hp laptop has no partition

    How can I reset my HP laptop (Windows 8.1) back to factory defaults when it says it doesn't have a partition to perform the task? I have tried restore points that didn't help get rid of the issues I'm having. Thanks for any help!
  17. J

    What would be a fair price for PC work?

    I have a HP Laptop that the bios set a password power on. Took me 3Hrs to get in the back door to reset the password, then the file system would not boot on a partition so I got to the partition and run chkdsk and for 10hrs its been repairing. the partition is 250gb and it saying that its...
  18. T

    Messed up built in partitions

    I bought this Samsung laptop with a built in Windows 8. It only had one usable partition on the disk, i.e. C: drive But I wanted a separate partition for my data, while having OS on C: drive So I installed a partition manager, (EaseUS Partition Master, as far as I remember) I created a...
  19. M

    Partioning and what to save after

    hi guys I bought a new Hard drive and installed windows 8 on it, but i didnt partition. It just has one partition with local disk C: . And after using 1 month i read that if you make example 2 partition one with windows on it and one with data, you pc will run faster and for long time. Recently...
  20. J

    Does Sony Vaio factory restore delete storage partition?

    Hello, I used Partition Wizzard to shrink original partition (where windows is installed) to create new partition for data storage. My question is, will Sony Vaio factory restore wipe storage partition too or it will remain unharm (unwiped) ?
  21. R

    my drive C dosnt show

    My C drive is gone. Im currently logged to a usb Mint OS, so I only have an OS because i made a bootable on that usb. I try to check for C:\ in the OS folders and its not there (nemo cant handle c locations). Im begining to think its a hardrive problem. Before all this happened, I was logged in...
  22. S

    Installing Win XP over Win 7 Acer startup laptop

    I have tried to format a partition with windows 7 on the C: drive ,( I am trying to install XP on the Laptop which does not have a CD drive so I have to use an external one) and I am told that I cannot format a partition with an O/S on it. Can you help,. I am getting the errors that...
  23. gigoe

    How to Crete PArtision Space

    how to use remaining space of partition of one drive to allocate for other drive or relocate or to create a new drive ? Any software ? i have Easus partition master
  24. P

    Asus Windows 8 Laptop won't reset to factory settings. Help!?

    My issue is not whether or not I have the ability to enter the screen to reset it, my issue is when I click "reset my PC" or whatever it says, it tells me a missing drive partition is missing. If this drive partition is something that can be downloaded, please respond with a link to download, or...
  25. D

    how to make partition of Windows 8

    hi fnds im having HP envy notebook : got from us they installed OS in full partition now i want to make the harddisk in 3 partition since i dont want to put new OS ...plz help
  26. M

    deleted system reserved partition, can't install OS

    I've got a brand new laptop. It came without OS. When I was installing Win 8.1 a accidentally deleted system reserved partition. And the only one left became raw. Now I can't install the OS. It says something like "can't create a new partition". Thanks for help
  27. O

    Partition restore @ Acer A200 Tablet

    Hi, Due to unexpected shutdown of my tablet during rom upgrade (battery become empty), the internal 32G SD partitioning was corrupted. How can I rebuild the partition table (System, Data etc.) so I can perform a recovery from a saved CWM backup?
  28. M

    Broke my WD 500Gb Blue. HELP!

    Hi i know there are other threads like this but I feel this issue is a bit unique.. I dropped my laptop right on the corner where the HD is kept. It wouldn't boot up so I plugged the HD into my other pc to test it. The HD had 3 partitions on it - windows install (with all my pics) plus two...
  29. tomsguideUS

    How to Create a Microsoft Surface Recovery Disk and Drive Image

    Microsoft Surface tablets have a partition on their drives that are dedicated to recovery information. This makes it easy to reset your device to factory settings just by using the partition, but it also has its drawbacks. For instance, if something goes wrong and you can’t access your Surface...
  30. Ryan Daugherty

    Windows 10 preview?

    would it be a bad idea to partition my hard drive in half to preview windows 10 on one half and still use windows 8 on the other partition? also, can I un-partition my drive after Im done? Thanks, Ryan
  31. B

    operating system not found

    acer 7560-sb416 windows 7 was up for months without reboot. I had to shut it down to load new software when it did windows took over and said installing updates 1 of 57 3 hours later when i truned my system back on i got no operating system found I took the drive out and plugged it into my...
  32. F

    Help restore Asus?

    Hello, I have a Asus K55a. I am getting ready to list it online but need to wipe everything but the windows 8 that is installed on it? I don't believe it came with discs. I hit f9 like the book says but i get to the reset is starting and then it says missing the correct partition. I also tried...
  33. S

    no i reinstalled windows and stupidly didnt save that partition

    gateway desk top computer. had windows vista on it, upgraded to windows 7. then later on computer was messing up so i reinstalled windows 7 and stupidly did not save the partition. so all my stuff was, vista, it all. had to call a number for windows they walked me through...
  34. B

    Truecrypt won't do a FDE after reformat

    Okay first of all, please don't say "Truecrypt is dead, not secure" or any of that. I know about the situation, and I am perfectly happy using an application that I've used for years. I don't believe it just suddenly became insecure. That said, here is my problem. First, my system: Gigabyte...
  35. M

    IM-Magic Partition Resizer-No Partitions Shown

    Hi. im trying to extend my drive C volume using IM-Magic Partition Resizer. however when i run the program all i get is this. why is there no partitions shown in there?
  36. J

    Trying to Factory Reset a Toshiba P755-S216 but holding zero doesn't work on startup

    Hi everyone, I received a Toshiba Satellite P755-S5215 laptop from a relative and I am trying to wipe the data by restoring to default so that it can be sold. Everywhere I looks says that holding the zero key while powering on should initiate beeping and an interface to restore using the hidden...
  37. S

    why does my phone say sd card damaged when i partition it

    I've rooted my phone and installed link2sd from play store. when i partitioned my memory card using mini tool partition, everythg works great but when i insert it into my phone, it says,"damaged sd card. You may have to reformat it." My phone uses gingerbread and my phone is dtc gt5s.
  38. technoboyhrishi

    Create partition Without Data loss

    how to create a partition in exciting partitioned drive without being data loss ? means my hard hard drive is fully partitioned and no unoccupied space is available as unused but can i partition another drive using free space of other drives ?
  39. J

    Lenov y510p, Install Windows 7 and Samsung 840 EVO SSD

    I'm trying to install Windows 7 on a new Lenovo y510p. I bought a new samsung 840 EVO SSD for Windows 7 (so the original Win 8 install is on the factory supplied hard drive). I would like to format the SSD into a 100G and a 400G partition, with the plan to install the OS on the 100G partition...
  40. D

    eRecovery empty partition label (Partition Label: ) (win 7 64 bit)

    Alright, it's safe to say I've tried most of the recovery options (changing BIOS, Neosmart recovery, etc) even down to trying re-install windows which also failed because there where missing drivers or something along the lines of that, im over messing about and i'm beyond the point of even...
  41. J

    Partitioning With Linux

    Hello everyone. I'm will be soon installing Linux Mint Cinnamon edition onto a dedicated 2TB HDD I have for it. I am wanting to put my /home and my root directories on separate partitions. I was wondering, do programs for Linux install to your root directory or your home directory? What, besides...
  42. O

    Automation decompressing archives

    Hello, I have a big .rar file that is compressed (in one partition), within which is fifty .rar files. I would like to know if there is an automation method to extract these archives at once (and not 50). I read stuff about lines winrar commands and batch but I have not managed to solve my...
  43. Hyper Man

    No partitions are showing during installing Windows 7

    Got Toshiba Satellite U940-B484 (PSU6VV). Has windows 8 on, but I'm trying to install Windows 7 instead. When I cam across the part where I choose the partition where Windows 7 will be installed on, there were no partitions listed at all! That's what been showing! I tried to pull the...
  44. S

    how do I fix my laptop hard drive with sata cable

    I have a laptop hard drive that was running a duel boot with Ubuntu and windows 8 and I deleted the Ubuntu from its partition but couldnt delete the portion itself because I didn't have enough room the Linux my duel boot menu and when I deleted the partition I couldn't load my windows. I have a...
  45. B

    One install location, dual booting?

    Hey guys, i'm thinking about if there is a possible way to dual-boot Win7 and Win8 while retaining the same apps on both sides? i do not want to create multiple copies of the same app its just that i have some pretty big apps that i want on both Os's.. I have a 180GB SSD and do not want to get...
  46. K

    Partition in external drive?

    I have a 4-Tb WD "My Book" intended for external backup which I would like to use with a multiboot system which includes XP and Win 7. Will the XP back up to it, ignoring the unreachable space? Can I partition the unit to stay within XP addressing limits? Or am I limited to using it for...
  47. M

    Needs Help With HDD, Partition. and Formatting

    Hi, I have an acer aspire 3680 it had a 80 GB hard drive, and I have a PS3 which had a 120 GB hard drive. I upgraded my PS3 to a terabyte and wanted to use the PS3 hard drive in my laptop but as soon as install it into the laptop and try to run windows 8 (only os i have downloaded) and it claims...
  48. R

    how do I switch partition on my Toshiba it won't boot up

    My Toshiba laptop is stuck in boot mode I have done the f8 ,f12,and boot king,the only thing I w as able to get from all that is that partition 2 in hard drive is the cause help please
  49. K

    How to install Windows 7 on a GPT partition?

    Hello all! I managed to reach the install screen and it lists one Disk: Disk 0 with numerous Parts: Parts 1-7. I realize that the GPT error might be because of the main environment is UEFI and I changed boot to 'Legacy' for the setup to load. Will try to revert and see how it works. My...
  50. P

    SD card damaged

    I am on the verge of giving up on this phone. I rooted my phone last week and I've had some trouble, for example when I try to boot up the stock Clockworkmod it hangs and nothing works. I'm not sure why. I downloaded RAM Expander which works fine with my phone. Then I attempted to partition my...
  51. J

    Acronis True Image

    I am creating an image on my PC using Acronis True Image home 2011. I just wanna ask if it's safe to include disc D: when I put a check in it it says ''It is not recommended to backup a partition itself'' I just wanna know if it's safe. Please answer ASAP Thanks :D :D :D
  52. C

    Half of my programs simply wont work.

    Well, to start off, I would like to include some likely important information; I had never had this problem before until the bootmgr partition for my hard drive crashed,and I had to recover it using /scannow and /chkdisk. I have no idea what is causing this, and it gets fairly frustrating with...
  53. J

    "Damaged Sd Card" Notification in android Micromax a35 after creating Ext2 Primary Partition on sd card

    I have Micromax a35 android 2.3.5 phone. To use swapper and Link2sd, busybox & A87 Ram Increaser by Andro Park apps to increase virtual memory of phone. I created Partitons on 4gb Sd card using (Mini Tool Partition Wizard Home Edition 8.1.1.) Ext2 & Ext3 Primary of 768 MB each and FAT32 Primary...
  54. V

    Can't decrypt External Hardisk in truecypt!!!

    i got a 2 tb external hd ... i encrypted it.. and it took 28 hours... working great!!... i can use all of that data by mounting it.. but when i click on permanently decrypt system drive/partition.. it says there is no partition to decrypt!!!..
  55. John Bauer

    Defragmenting PQservice partition?

    I'm about to defrag my hard drive on the netbook, and I noticed that disk defragmenter says that it's 49% fragmented... Is this a problem? What would happen is a tried to defrag it? For a reminder, this is not the main partition, but the recovery partition.
  56. C

    Adobe Master Collection Files/Windows 7 Install

    Hey everyone, so I'm a student film maker and I recently updated my windows 7 home premium to windows 7 ultimate in depth and prospects to increasing memory to 32 gbs of ram etc for multi-tasking and things of the sort, along with building a more usable and stead fast industry marked rig. The...
  57. C

    Sony vaio laptop recovery disk

    My vaio recovery disk is faulty and pressing at boot f10 no vaio menu coming up, I can see a hidden partition. How can I restore my laptop to factory settings please?
  58. A

    need to split HDD partition on Acer Aspire One netbook having Win XP v2002 sp3 Home Edition

    I have Acer Aspire One netbook having (pre-installed by vendor) Win XP Home Edition v2002 SP3 and HDD with two partitions: 1. PQSERVICE 4.88GB FAT32 (hidden partition) 2. ACER (C) 144GB NTFS. How I can split second partition to two parts? Everything prepared for this action - I cleaned and...
  59. A

    Formating a primary (not root) partition under WIN7

    Partition F in my PC was once installed with a second Windows' and was not erased correctly. Now I hace WIN7 on my C partition, and PC works fine. I want to clean/format the F, but unable. What should I do?
  60. I

    create partition in sony vaio

    After recovery of my Sony vaio windows 8, now it is only C drive. How to create other partition or solve the problem