Adobe Master Collection Files/Windows 7 Install


Nov 15, 2013
Hey everyone, so I'm a student film maker and I recently updated my windows 7 home premium to windows 7 ultimate in depth and prospects to increasing memory to 32 gbs of ram etc for multi-tasking and things of the sort, along with building a more usable and stead fast industry marked rig. The only issue is, whilst installing windows 7 ult. on this hard drive as a second partition, it created a windows.old folder in a first partition with all of my older files... Unfortunately, I can no longer open the applications, and I was just wondering about programs like Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects.... (I've been told to re-install these programs) but my only fear is that it won't be able to open the project files and everything else associated with it that are still inside of the windows.old folder... it's no issue with film footage as literally EVERYTHING is in that windows.old folder) I'm just wondering if these programs will be able to make the connection once everything is said done, and re-installed into this second partition. I have tons of school work there, and I really need a resolution for it to be quite honest.

I appreciate all answers, and thanks in advance.