Messed up when install new window on a laptop with intel optane

Sep 5, 2018
Thing start normal i open up the window setup and load the RTS driver and my disk show up, i delete the ESP,System,MSR and fwindow partition. Strangely the ESP partition when i delete it does not merge back into 1 disk, instead it stay at and unallocated space with 1 gb.
Even running just fine window boot up i double check if the optane running fine. I open device manage it show hdd 931gb + optane window succesfully create recovey,system,msr partition. Im checking by restarting it, booting fine but when i shutdown and turn on again it ran into BSOD with inaccesivle_boot_device. I gave it 2 more time reinstall new window but the same issue keep coming

I already check bios setting before install. My sata in raid mode show RST with optane. Booting in UEFI and my usb also for UEFI booting. Reading on the internet i know that there something messed with the RAID, i tried change it back to ahci but window still no booting up. Change boot option to legacy my laptop boot into something like raid configuration. I never get a touch on any raid technology no it kinda confused me. I go back to bios change it back to UEFI , window boot show up but still BOSD.

I kinda gave up at this point, im took my laptop back to the store and asking for help. They installed new window for me but i notice window booting slower i check the hard drive and it show 2 drive separately one is hdd and one is nvme intel optane. Double check the bios the sata has been changed intel AHCI and boot mode in legacy.I asked them if they could make my intel optane back they said they will have to take it back to the manufacturer which i dong want because im going to go on a business trip tomorrow.

Can anyone help me out on this one ?
My laptop model is Acer Aspire E5-476 50sz. And sorry for my bad english

Phillip Corcoran

"Strangely the ESP partition when i delete it does not merge back into 1 disk, instead it stay at and unallocated space"

Nothing strange there at all - - that's what normally happens when you delete a partition. Any further actions on the HDD have to be done manually by you, Windows partition-merging does not happen automatically, why would it? Some owners might not want them merging.

If it's covered by warranty it needs to go back to the manufacturer.
Sep 5, 2018

I though that you need to delete old uefi partition unless it will overwrite on the old one.
Btw my computer still under warranty just bought it last week, but if i send the laptop back to the manufacturer it probably take for than a week and i need my computer to working
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